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3rd Mavic Pro Platinum

Mad Mavic

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Jan 18, 2018
USA - Tennessee
It's been a while since I've posted anything and unfortunately this wont be a good one, but sometimes the truth hurts.

I'm on my third Mavic Pro Platinum if you only count the new ones, 4 if you count what I got back on my DJI Refresh. At any rate, I'm finding the drones to be less than robust with respect mainly to electronics. In the hours I have flying, I've had my share of mishaps but finally got my hand eye skills down and no crashes since. But still I'm having issues with my drones.

Drone #1 never gets flown so its basically new. It belongs to my son who is too busy with college so it sits in a case.

drone #2 on the other hand has neither the gimbal or the cooling fan for the main board in the drone, works. It will fly, and stay cool enough, as long as I'm flying forward, forcing air into the forward cooling inlet. The gimbal started the freaky movements thing that seems common, like its demon possessed. I disconnected the power to the gimbal and crudely fixed the camera to a horizontal, forward, but slightly downward facing view. It sucks but works in a pinch.

Drone #3, which I just bought, has just recently been infected by the dreaded gimbal demon. If I power the drone on with it inverted, then set it right side up, it will allow the gimbal calibration to complete. otherwise it just sits there an bangs its little head until I shut it down.

I've bought three DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Drones along with 2 pairs of the DJI Goggles. Given the failure rates of the components in DJI equipment, I'm finally throwing in the towel. They have the potential of being some very sophisticated devices, but unfortunately they lack the quality to stay flying.

I take my drones through the paces; much like you see on the DJI ad. I fly through stands of trees and do a lot of altitude. long distance flying. In other words, they don't sit in a box. I wish I had saved my money and bought the Inspire 2 but not sure if the electronics are better quality than the Mavic Pro.

since Christmas 2017, I've used a DJI refresh, bought two Gimbal assemblies, two gimbal control boards, two gimbal flat ribbon cables, two new remotes, two GPS units, and now that I've learned to fly through every mistake possible, the gimbal on my new Mavis is toast.

They are a blast as long as they fly.
Newest one seems like a defect that should be covered under warranty, but what the heck have you done to the others to have so many things failing??
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