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50 seconds left meant zero


Jul 8, 2018
First-time drone owner. Mavic Air was fighting wind to return home. I was looking for good place to land. App said about 1 min battery remaning. Lost connection over a river. Drone is now asleep with fishies rip.

In future will land with 90 secs remaining.
Are you going to try to find it? If you post your flight logs up here, someone might be able to give you an idea of where it was last seen.

Thank you. I followed Find My Drone to the location. It's either at the bottom, or the current took it down the river. But I'll take look at the logs.
Thanks folks for the constructive comments. Not looking for further discussion at the moment. Have a great Sunday.
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Consider piloting the drone as if you have your loved one on-board. Would you want your airline to only put enough fuel for it to last just an extra 60 second of flight? They make sure they have extra fuel in there because weather conditions changes, wind conditions change, engines have to work harder, etc. Hope you find your drone and hope you also consider adjusting your piloting performance. Good luck.
It might be kinda interesting to know exactly where he was flying. National Park, over Disneyland, downtown Chicago, or maybe Washington, D.C.?
Sorry to hear about the loss.

I am not sure how you got to 1 percent. At 10 percent it should have started to auto land. I don’t know of a way to change the 10 percent value to a lower one.

For the future consideration should be taken at launch which way the wind is blowing. Best case is fly out against the wind. And odds are the higher you go the stronger the wind.

Also the app should have given a warning to the effect that you have reached a distance where if you fly past it you may not be able to effectively process a RTH. Aircraft makes this decision based on current flying conditions.

Paul C
Yeah.. I would never trust any of those little guides telling me how much battery power I had left. Give yourself plenty of time to get back.
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Sorry to hear you lost your bird and now get all these negative responses from these want to be expert pilots.

Just buy a new bird and fly the way that makes you happy.

Last October I was doing a long distance flight for the Mavic Pro leader board flew out 50K came up 1200 feet short and that MP is now sleeping in Davy Jone’s locker.

There’s nothing wrong with flying your bird to the limit as long as you’re willing to except the consequences. I know most of us on the top of the MP leaderboard have come up short and crashed and or lost birds pushing it to the limit.

October flight 50k didn’t make it back

56K flight couple weeks ago
Sorry to hear you lost your bird and now get all these negative responses from these want to be expert pilots.

Expert pilots?! You do realise this is a radio control toy you can buy in best buy and completely flies itself?

As for the original post, you can't fix stupid. Seems like a pretty much guaranteed way to lose your investment.
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