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Advice to OCD M2 buyers!

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Dec 20, 2016
Duluth, Georgia
This thread is not written to poke fun at or ridicule anyone, and I apologize ahead of time if it hurts anyones feelings. It is really not a joke. This is general advice to buyers who have obsessive compulsive disorder. DO NOT BUY the Mavic 2 series if you are bothered by small imperfections. It will drive you crazy. The 2 imperfections I have found are:
  1. Legs rub up against the body when folding them in.
  2. Sometimes the gimbal motor assembly or the body has small marks from shipment or from the factory on the body.

A relative of mine has OCD, and these things drive him nuts. He couldn't tolerate his Mavic 1 because when the rear arms were folded, the distance between the body and the right arm was 1 or 2 mm more than the left arm. It has absolutely no impact on the flight characteristics of the drone, it just stuck in his mind that his drone was not "perfect." Heck, he hardly ever flew the thing because it wasn't perfect. When I looked at it and tried to convince him it's fine, he got angry with me.

This is a real disease:

Obsessions are recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses, or images that cause distressing emotions such as anxiety or disgust. Many people with OCD recognize that the thoughts, impulses, or images are a product of their mind and are excessive or unreasonable. Yet these intrusive thoughts cannot be settled by logic or reasoning. Most people with OCD try to ignore or suppress such obsessions or offset them with some other thought or action. Typical obsessions include excessive concerns about contamination or harm, or the need for symmetry or exactness...

My hero, Chuck Yeager, was luckily not OCD. On the day of his record breaking X-1 flight, Yeager was in such pain from broken ribs from a horse riding accident 2 days prior, that he could not seal the X-1's hatch by himself. Fellow pilot Jack Ridley rigged up a device, using the end of a broom handle as an extra lever, to allow Yeager to seal the hatch. Luckily, General Yeager was not OCD, otherwise he would never have used a broken broomstick to seal the hatch. The rest is history.

Moral of the story is, dont sweat the small stuff. If you're OCD, it can be quite a challenge.
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ive been chomping at the bits to buy a Mp2 but all the issues that keep popping up has held me off in buying
is this a form of ocd
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ive been chomping at the bits to buy a Mp2 but all the issues that keep popping up has held me off in buying
is this a form of ocd

Nope, nothing wrong with waiting if you're not comfortable buying one now. I think you are showing good self-restraint instead of just buying it and possibly regretting the decision later.

Certain OCD people (but not every OCD person) might buy one, and then nitpick it to death finding minuscule faults with it in an effort to try prove to his/herself that it's not perfect. It must be a horrible feeling being extremely OCD, you just cant rest post-purchase until you have made your life complicated with worry. Extreme buyers remorse.

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