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Air 3 RC-N2 With Ipad Air 2

I have the RC-N1 controller and it works great with the iPad Air 2.
Find the short USB-C to Lightening OTG cable on Amazon.
Similar to this one.
would like to know if the Ipad Air 2 will work with the new RC-N2 controller
Like all other Apple devices, it will definitely connect to the remote controller.

You're more concerned with the performance of DJI Fly, right?
It's my understanding that the RC-N2, like the RC-2, were designed to operate ONLY with the Air 3. Because of that, I am concerned that the older Ipad Air 2 tablet, which will not run IOS 15, might also not work with the new controllers because of the limitation of the Ipad Air 2 not being able to upgrade to IOS 16 and above. And, yes, would it perform all the functions within DJI Fly.
I will never again buy a controller that requires me to hook up an Ipad or Iphone. Smart controllers are the only way to go.
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An iPad Air 2 might be getting a little old for running the Fly app. It's fine for Go4 but the Fly app is a resource hog.
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