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Apr 7, 2018
Birmingham, Alabama
Join Aloft Head of Community, Erica Cooley & guest host, Sebastian Yanguas, FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist for Rules this coming, Wednesday, December 14th at 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern for December’s B4UFLY Check the Map webinar, The ABCs of National Airspace Types: Part 3- Restricted Airspaces.

Event Description:​

We will discuss the different types of restricted airspaces in the NAS including critical infrastructure DOD/ DOE/DOI NSUFRs, TFRs, national parks/memorials/preserves, how these types of airspace may impact drone operations, and how to identify each on the B4UFLY map by color. We will close out the webinar with a live audience Q&A. To ensure your questions are addressed during the live event, we encourage you to share your questions in the registration form.
Key Takeaways:

  • What are the different types of restricted airspaces in the NAS
  • How do these types of airspace affect UAS operations?
  • How to identify types of restricted airspace types on the B4UFLY app

If you are unavailable during the time of the live events, don’t worry still register and we will email you a link to watch it on-demand following the live event.