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Another New Guy


Sep 8, 2018
Bowie Texas
I've been looking at Mavic Air bundles & the more I look, the more confused I get. What are some of the must haves in these deals & what is easy to live without. I'm kicking around the goggles but don't want to drop that much cash if they aren't worth it. I'd appreciate your thoughts, thanks. Mike
I have the regular kit with an extra battery and I’m loving it...

Spent the cash on the MavMount and that’s well worth the cash plus the Freewell UV lense to just protect the camera
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What are some of the must haves in these deals & what is easy to live without.
Quality filters and extra batteries are great extras to have. Many bundles come with low quality extras, so consider the contents carefully to figure out if the package deals are really the better deals. You might be able to save money by buying just the drone (or Fly More Package) and extra accessories you need separately.
The Moverio glasses were my best investment so far. I am no longer trying to read a tablet in direct sunlight.
You can buy a 10 dollar Google Cardboard headset and use it with your phone as a screen (though you’ll need Litchi) if you want to test out the experience of using goggles. The quality isn’t as good of course, but I found it uncomfortable to not be able to see if someone is approaching me irl and skipped the goggles.
I got the Fly More Combination, and after 6 months am still glad I did. The only part of the package that I wouldn’t have bought is the bag. I would definitely buy the two spare batteries, the prop guards, and the additional set of props, and that pretty much justifies the extra cost of the FMC. So essentially the multi-charger and bag are freebies.

Unless you’re operating only from hard surfaces, like concrete or asphalt, landing pads are a good idea, especially with a quad that sits as low as the Mavics (all of them). There is one MUST HAVE item: landing gear extensions; I got the PGYTECH, which give you an extra inch of clearance, are snap-on/snap-off, and the rear ones nest front ones, so they take very little room in your bag.

When it comes to filters, you get what you pay for. The PolarPro have a reputation for quality and it’s well deserved. I bought a SunnyLife set of filters that was nice, until I realized that I’d have to remove them at the end of every flying session, because the gimbal protector would not fit with filter in place - manufacturer claims it fits Mavic Air...not completely true. I replaced with PolarPro, which is the same height as the protective ring from the factory, and all is great - fits perfectly! The SunnyLife was actually higher, which explains why the gimbal protector didn’t fit. There may be other good brands, but check the dimensions first.

Tablet holders/mounts/shades are a more complex topic...important, but not a “must have now”. Lanyards are very handy if you need a free hand, but are really a part of the holder/mount discussion, since you need to attach the lanyard somehow.
BTW, I suggest passing on the goggles, irrespective of brand.

If you are using them, you MUST have an observer to satisfy the FAA rules, because you really don’t have a view of the drone’s environment - you see only what the camera sees.
If you are using them, you MUST have an observer to satisfy the FAA rules
... and be flying with the Part 107 rules. That makes things even more fun :)
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