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another quirk with mavic air

Sep 28, 2018
went out to test fly with just the bird and the contol ie; no dji go 4. flew like a champion for several minutes, all functions performing well, very stable. landed and shut down motors..would not restart and status light began blinking red then green alternatively. subsequent tests with several batteries fully charged indicated that the red/green blinking occurs after a couple of minutes and motors will not start. do we have an internal short of some kind ? bird does not feel hot. red/green blinking status light not covered in user's manual. what means? will try after a long cooldown stay tuned ! old guy cal
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jonathan, thanks. i thought of that since the good book says blinking red/yellow means compass recal required but i swear unless i'm color blind it was red/green blinking. need however to hear how to perform compass calib without dji go 4 since i'm currently operating without the app. would appreciate your ideas on how to do compass calibration. thanks again the old guy
If you use dji go 4, as intended, it will tell you what’s wrong with it. From the app you can access all the calibration features.
donald thanks for your input and i agree except right now i must operate without dji go4 since i'm not getting live video and a compl,

ete app display , not sure what the problem is. was able however to calibrate compass and go flying without go 4
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