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Are you a keeper or an upgrader?

Droning on and on...

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Feb 11, 2018
Santa Cruz, CA
I used to keep my earlier model drones when newer ones came out, and get around to buying the newer model in 6 months or so. I haven't kept up with everything DJI has come out with in the consumer space, but starting with the P3 I've had most of 'em, the Mavic Mini, and M2Z being exceptions.

About two years ago I decided it was no benefit to have the P3, A2, A2S, M2P, Mini 2 sitting in their cases doing nothing. Since then, I've sold off the A2, A2S, M2P (now wish I hadn't) and Mini 2. My Squadron is down to a Mini3P and Avata which I fly regularly, the FPV which i fly every few months, and P3 and Mavic Pro that never fly but I keep for sentimental reasons.

An Air 3 will be joining the the rest in the hangar soon. Probably not an M3 of any flavor, given how much the A3 has closed that gap.

How about the rest of you? Upgrading, or slowly procuring a DJI museum?
The basis for me keeping a drone (forever) has to do with capability. I used to think there will never be another drone with the capabilities of the M2Z....this was when we thought waypoints was going away permanently. So I kept mine for that reason because there are still DJI drones that lack features you find in the M2 series.

The Mini 2 is probably the last sub-250g drone from DJI without RID so I'll keep that one.

Will always upgrade to the latest regardless but my new plan is to skip a generation if I can. Will definitely buy FPV2, Avata2, and Mavic4 but I can wait for Air3Pro/Air4, Mini5. Would love to get into O4 as soon as I can but not until the remote situation is squared away. So there is a tech component to upgrading as well but with so much DJI history available, it pays to be strategic about it.

I have a tendency to give away drones to family member to get them involved. Drones that you can afford to say goodbye to like Air2.
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@Droning on and on... i guess i fall into both camps,to a degree ,i had no intention of replacing my aging nearly 5 year old MPP ,with a newer model ,until the Air 3 was released,and even after i had purchased the Air 3, i was just going to let the MPP spend the rest of its days ,sitting in its case ,as i knew after flying the Air 3 ,it would just be left, and would not be used ,the Air 3 was just so much better in every way, for the ease of use ,but after reading some of the comments on this forum ,i had a change of heart, and the MPP has gone to a new home, to continue to be flown by a new owner
My Mini SE would be a great starter drone for my son or daughter, so I may gift it. I've already upgraded my micro capabilities to a Mini 3, and because the Mini SE doesn't shoot in RAW it's not helpful for serious photography.

If I do get an Air 3 or Mavic 3, I will likely keep the Air 2S. I like that one a lot, especially for the 20MP camera and 1 inch sensor.
I've kept those I found "historically significant", so still have my Phantom 1, Inspire 1 and original, right-when-it-came-out MP. Things afterwards were either mostly incremental and got sold or not replaced, or are still current in their respective category.
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I will pretty much keep everything I fly. I rarely sell unless its cheap to someone who can use it. Otherwise it goes on the shelf to maybe fly again one-day.
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I bought my P3P in 2015. I bought my next drone (Air 3) last week. I will keep the P3P due to Litchi. If DJI opens up an API that Litchi can use I will sell the P3P. I take meticulous care of my drones. The P3P looks like the day I bought it - Still have the original box as well. If I ever go to sell it in it's pristine condition, I might get $20 for it :D
Still flying P3 4K, MA, P4adv. Each for different purposes. MA for international travel. P4 adv for highest quality video and images, and P3 4K for potentially risky waypoint flying.
always liked the orginal dji mavic pro, it fits all my needs, i would have keep the phantom 3 pros, however they all had untimely deaths, river accidents, trees, etc... so i am a keeper
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I guess I'm turning into a "keeper"...if I ever buy another drone! As long as my MA2 keeps on keeping on, I'm happy with it. The only wildcard is RID: don't know how/when I'll address that.
I usually crash mine then replace them. 🤣 Except my old Autel X-Star,I just recently sold that to my neighbor at a garage sale.
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I still have my Phantom 3 Standard, mostly for sentimental value. It was a good drone to learn on. I have the additional batteries, the range extender antenna, tablet mount, filters, etc. In theory, it still works. I haven't powered it up since getting the M2P.

I was going to give it to my daughter's SO, but I think I would just buy him a new Air or Mini when he needs one.
I may just mount the Phantom on the wall of my office as decoration.
I only have one so far - Mini 3 Pro - but I'm eyeing the Air 3 as my second one. :)

But I plan to keep the Mini 3 Pro as they seem to fill different requirements very well - the M3P is smaller so it's easier to travel with but the A3 seems like it would be just a better all around drone with the better camera and 360 OA.
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Guess I'm a keeper. See below. I'm keeping all of them for the same reason I have all of Sony's Playstation systems and all the other game consoles I've owned starting with the Atari 2600.
I'm a keeper. Still have every drone I've ever bought except the very first one. A p3s and wish I still had it, sold it and bought a p3p - which I still have. 🙂
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Yeah, I’m a keeper as well and still fly the majority of them.
Not pictured is the Mini 3 Pro, Mavic 3 Pro Mavic Air 3, Mavic Air 1 and Spreading Wings S1000.
Guess I got to pull them all out for another photo shoot!:p😆
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