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Arkansas the Latest State to Implement DJI Drone Ban

Again, nope. Absolutely zero evidence exists. Not "much", but "all" politics.

I'll do everything in my power to stop it. Because it will reek havoc with my industry.
Yep, that's exactly what politics is. Best of luck to you, I fear it will be an uphill battle.
Isn't that exactly how Radio Control works? 😁
Exactly, and there's the potential for more capability there than you might suspect.
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Lest anyone think that drones are the only thing from China falling under suspicion:

Chinese cranes in B.C. ports raise concerns after U.S. security probe
U.S. officials allege they found undisclosed communications components, including cellular modems, on cranes exported by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company (ZPMC) to U.S. ports.

The cybersecurity concerns were serious enough to warrant public disclosure and a special directive from the White House last month, to begin manufacturing such cranes in America.

While I'm at it:
Command and Control (C2) links are encrypted. It's not a "radio broadcast".
Of course they're a "radio broadcast", if they weren't then the drone would not be able to receive the radio signal from the controller. And naturally DJI has the encryption keys, so if one is worried that DJI might be told to do something nefarious by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) then the fact that the signals are encrypted is not going to be of any solace.

To reiterate, I'm not suggesting that DJI is doing anything wrong, but I believe there are valid reasons to be at least a bit cautious about western governments letting themselves become dependent on technology controlled by the CCP.
I am always amazed at the technology that has gone into the dji drones and how well it seems that everything has been thought out....when people ask me about drones, and different questions are asked about how certain tasks are carried out, those people can't believe when I tell them...Oh the drone has the ability to do this or that with a little bit of settings adjustments.....they have thought of stuff that shows how much went into the IF the government pushes further, possibly this will encourage companies in the US..or other friendly Countries to get serious about being in the Drone, although it seems distasteful to us right could mean more competition, better drones...and possibly lower prices in the future ( The glass is half full)

Also, Greg from @pilotinstitute touched on some recent legislation in his weekly update yesterday
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