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Balancing drone blades ?


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May 9, 2018
Back in the day I flew a lot of RC helicopters.... The rotors were hard so blade balancing was very important. I haven’t received my drone yet but I’ve heard the blades are soft and flexible?
My thought is if they are soft and flexible centrifugal force will keep them flat and level during flight except of course the flex when you jump on the throttle... or am I incorrect and blade balancing can give it an extra bit of stability?

Any thoughts would be great, I want to learn all the ins and outs so I don’t dump this expensive investment :)

P.s. dear moderators, I know I’m blowing your forum up today, apologize for that but really want to learn and then be positive help her like the rest of you to the future new people :)
weigh a few sets of blades and see how close the tolerances are. I'd be willing to bet, especially with so many of us having DJI care, that their blades are made with a certain amount of precision.

Balance a few on a pencil tip and see of they flop to one side, I doubt they will.

I only use DJI blades for that reason, at the RPM they spin at any significant amount of deviation will cause problems
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I think you're way overthinking it. I wouldn't worry about the blades unless the drone was drifting. I spin the blades on occasion to make sure they are spinning freely with no unusual wobble.
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I do check my Phantom props and adjust if necessary but have never gave the Mavic ones any thought .
Figured being they are hinged it really didn't matter and have never seen any issues with my video like
jello like you do with the others . Maybe my line of thinking is off .
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Even with very unbalanced blades, the Mavic seems to be able to compensate well to fly correctly, maintaining positive control.

Watch the first minute of this video, just as an example:

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Got a little too close to something last week. Flew back half a mile and looked at props to discover this.
You didn't notice anything looking at the video. Very stable.
Very impressed with the way it recovered and flew.


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