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Mavic Air 2 Blades Question


May 7, 2022
Hope, Arkansas
Are there quieter blades for the Mavic Air 2 that don’t break warranty or TOS? I do apologize if this has been asked numerous times. The search feature didn’t really help that much plus some of the posts used acronyms that I’m unfamiliar with. I need quieter blades so I can check my uncles farm and don’t want to spook the cows and start a stampede. Thanks in advance for all answers.
I need quieter blades so I can check my uncles farm and don’t want to spook the cows and start a stampede.

As Tufargon said, the Master Air Screws are slightly quieter and the tone is a little more pleasant. But, I've flown feet over cows and horses (even thoroughbreds known for being a little crazy) and none of them cared at all.

The only ones I would trust is Master Air Screw. It's not a huge difference and it's more of a tone difference than anything else. I did it with my MA2 and M2P and preferred them slightly over OEM.
I have found the MAS props to be far more fragile and brittle than the stock DJI props. In any tree trimming, the MAS props will shred, and your drone likely won't survive, and still make it home. The stock props can take a licking and still keep on ticking! It's not all about acoustics and color. Durability should be foremost.
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Master Airscrews are brittle but I do like them in a pinch. As Tuforgon stated I think it just changes the tone slightly rather than make them quieter. but it is a more agreeable tone. Other than those I always use the O.E.M. ones.
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If you're trying to avoid spooking the cattle, avoid sudden and strong control inputs. When the drone is hovering or being flown smoothly, the sound is relatively consistent and isn't as noticeable. Abrupt and strong control movements cause a fast change to higher tilt angles and a noticeable change in the sound. Abrupt climbs and descents are particularly noisy.

It's similar to the sound from vehicles on a paved road; it becomes part of the background noise and is easily ignored. But the sound of a vehicle downshifting or wandering outside the lane onto the grooved warning strip immediately gets your attention.
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I am NOT a fan of Master Air Screws. As a couple of others have pointed out: Firstly, I didn't notice an appreciable difference in noise reduction. Possibly slightly but not a big deal at all. Second, I don't think they are anywhere near as durable. I ditched all the sets I bought and keeping with OEM props. Just fly a little higher - that's all
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