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Battery error message after bathing a river


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Aug 21, 2018
Guadeloupe (FWI)
Hi guys !

Following this thread :
MA survived bathing a river... and started to have battery error

I am thinking of a power board problem. What's your opinion ?

Attached is the flight log of the near-fatal crash.

To sum up :
- Software and hardware are up to date,
- MA finished in a river after I did a mistake,
- Dried it,
- Got a restart the day after,
- Managed to have it flying despite a "battery error" message that appears after turning on the drone.
- The message appears with all three batteries : with the one that went down in the water but also with the 2 other ones that were in my bag and did not touch water. I have never had the battery error message before with any of the batteries.
- The battery that went down in the water appears to function normaly,
- In DJI Go 4 (latest version), battery % appears but not the "remaining flight time" (stays as .. : ..),
- From time to time, the error disappears for a few seconds / minutes and everything comes back to normal before returning to the battery error status (does not prevent flying).

I have had several flights since then and everything else appears to function as usual.

Thanks for your help !


  • DJIFlightRecord_2018-08-11_[16-19-41].txt
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If of any help, following is one of the post incident flight log.
Interesting to see how battery data info freezes at 26,1 s.


  • DJIFlightRecord_2018-08-12_[08-31-11].txt
    1 MB · Views: 3
Now it is dry. As mentionned in the main thread, I had the bad idea to turn it on at some point a few moments right after it went down the river. Did not think a lot about at it at the moment but it was surely a(nother) bad move ...

Still, despite the lack of info coming from all the batteries I can still fly it. Reminds me of my old Vespa that had no fuel gauge on it : you learn how to use it without getting dried out.
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