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battery error

  1. Nickes

    Battery error message after bathing a river

    Hi guys ! Following this thread : MA survived bathing a river... and started to have battery error I am thinking of a power board problem. What's your opinion ? Attached is the flight log of the near-fatal crash. To sum up : - Software and hardware are up to date, - MA finished in a river...
  2. Nickes

    MA survived bathing a river... and started to have battery error

    \\ Repost from DJI forum // Hi guys ! The worst case scenario happened to me a few weeks a go : take off under the trees (no gps), fly over a bridge, kids running away, bad move, branches, drop, bath ... I retreived the MA in less then a minute, all shut down. It was all my fault here (will...
  3. Qoncussion

    Battery Cell Deviation: How much is too much?

    I was out flying my MP a few weeks back, using Litchi, when the controller showed a BATT ERROR (I don't remember the exact text). A little red balloon popped up in Litchi at the same time, but wasn't on the screen long enough to read it. I just figured I would check the logs to see what...
  4. MrMavic

    Mavic Pro Battery Error

    I was going to fly a little this morning and I am getting "BATTERY ERROR" message on my controller. Why would that happen, and how can I fix it? These are DJI batteries.
  5. K

    Balance plug for Mavic pack

    I'm new here, but not new to RC, Mutirotors, Drones, or LiPo batteries. Been flying electric for 20+ years and have been around the block more than a few times building and flying LiPoly packs. I recently bought a Mavic from eBay and it came with 4 batteries and a ton of other stuff. Seemed...
  6. linuxglobal

    Brand New Battery Issue

    Anyone know the possible issue with this battery ? I have looked up the battery error code messages, my best guess is beyond discharged ?? Brand new battery, but i got it back in Oct 2017. Looking to find my proof of purchase if I have to go through DJI for repair/replacement. Pulled out of...
  7. JustViewerFun

    Can I fix my battery error without upgrading to the latest firmware?

    I'm on Firmware 1.04.0000 - been there for a while, and I don't want to go up. I've been flying with all my batteries on this version for a while now. The other day, I was getting ready to fly where there was no cell service and no internet connection whatsoever. After powering up the RC and...
  8. TrayBoz

    Low-Noise Props causing Battery Error

    I have the original Mavic Pro. I purchased a full set of the new Low Noise (platinum tipped) props from Advexure and tried them for the first time last weekend. They are definitely quieter than the original props, and a different sound frequency which makes the mavic sound slightly less...
  9. rageshpnair

    Battery Error and Learn how to fix it

    Many of you may get a battery error message if the latest Firmware update v01.03.0900 fails. Because the latest firmware update contains update for your Intelligent Battery pack also. I faced this problem while updating the firmware. After 64% into my update the app showed firmware update...
  10. Red_Raven

    Battery:Overcurrent During Discharge <--- true meaning ?

    Ive hat this error message "Battery:Overcurrent During Discharge" in 3 flights the last 24 hours, all of witch i was flying in sports mode. What is this and what does it meen? Do i need to have any worries about it? healthydrones shows the error as yellow, I would figure it'll be red if critical ?
  11. J

    Battery Error causes crash

    Hey guys I had an issue 25.01.2017 I would like you to look at and give me your views. I have startet a warranty claim with DJI Support and their initial response is 'Pilot fault, no warranty.' ‘’ 【Flight control file fly30】 1)Aircraft worked at gps mode mostly in flight. 2)Pilot pushed...
  12. joekulis

    Multi battery charger not working

    I only get a red light on the charger and it will not charge any of the batteries. Any suggestions.
  13. Alex Baxter

    Battery error, low voltage on one cell

    I've just had a Battery Error come up prior to a flight with a freshly charged battery with 9 charges on it. Voltages are 4.17, 4.33 and 4.33 volts. Used DJI mains charger and car charger only. Just got in touch with DJI technical support, and awaiting for their response..
  14. DebianDog

    If your monitor device fails shouldn't it still fly wth the controller?

    I was tracking and testing my theory that all the issues I was having were related to the USB type-C cable that came with my Mavic. I ran 7 flights back to back using an iPhone 6, the built in WiFi, iPad, and Nexus 6P using the bottom USB port and my own cables. Then I put the original...
  15. DebianDog

    Android Nexus 6P disconnects and battery errors

    Sometimes the app just crashes for no reason, it seems to crash more often while in modes (tripod, POI, etc) and once in a while it crashes so hard it resets the controller forcing RTH. The hard crash, for whatever reason, also causes a battery error. All 3 batteries will do this. Mavic on the...