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Can I Fly My Drone in Cuba

Hello from the Crossroads of America Jorge Bueno.

Looks like a no go to Cuba.

Take a 100' selfie stick. 😉

Welcome to the Forum. :cool:

Other sources say there's no general ban on drones in Cuba, but that non-citizens are not allowed to fly. Don't take your drone to town, son. Leave your drones at home.
Welcome to the forum. We look forward to your participation and your view of the world.
Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
You can't even bring a standard GPS, or any two way portable radios, last I checked. I wouldn't dare bring a drone. I haven't been to Cuba since the smartphone era began, but I would even leave THAT at home and just bring a simple digital camera if I needed pictures. Even a GoPro might be pushing your luck.
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Is it possible to fly there?
I agree with the others, who say, leave your drone at home. If you are not native Cuban, you as a Phoenix native are not versed with what can happen in a foreign regime, especially a Communists one…

As Dorothy would say to Toto, "We aren't in Kansas anymore…"

If you take photo of a nice farm scene and there happens to be a power plant in the background, you might be accused of espionage for photographing the critical infrastructure…

Drink the Rum, smoke the cigars and buy lots of postcards, and come home safe and sound and with only a bit of the "crud…"
(diarrhea… L 😁 L . . .)
Planning to go to Cuba later this year. Is it possible to fly there?
I am a born Chicagoan, living in Miami since 1970. Everyone here knows , Cuba is a well know oppressive country with a strong regime. Living in Miami with Cubans since 1970- they are all glad to be here. Most have suffered a lot, lost everything (business, home) to get to US. I would not want to spend any time in a Cuban prison. No drone shot is worth that.
I had my drone confiscated at Nairobi airport in Kenya and it took me 3 hours of pain to get it back when leaving the country. Not worth it.

I keep a close watch on this drone of mine.
No, you are wrong, Now You must Go to jail, Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200…

It's …

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds
Because you're mine, I walk the line

I thought you were just playing with the words… Drones verses Guns…

In your posting of "Don't take your drone to town, son. Leave your drones at home"

Any case, leave your guns and drones in the states, enjoy a hot afternoon in the shade of a street café, sipping on an ice cold "Cuba Libre" and smoke a Cuban Cigar…
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