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Charger gets 149°F hot?


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Feb 9, 2018
Is this normal? Got my M2P today and charging the battery and my MPP RC(just charged my M2P RC).

Attached thermal camera20180910_103707.jpegimg_thermal_1536590184210.jpeg
That temp. is apparently normal when charging the battery plus controller. I hang the transformer in the air for better cooling. Setting the transformer on a heatsink like a stone countertop would be even better.
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Mine is red hot too. I've never felt any sort of charger get anywhere near this temperature. I think they must have undersized the internals because it should not be getting this hot. Maybe there will be a recall on it when it causes someone's house to burn down.
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DJI chargers have always heated a lot, but I've never heard of one failing.

Some recommend to not charge RC and battery at the same time.
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DJI chargers have always heated a lot, but I've never heard of one failing.

Some recommend to not charge RC and battery at the same time.
It didn't fail yet. I charged just the battery and no overheating issues. I charged the RC on a separate 1amp old charger and it takes long to charge.
140F is pretty toasty.. You can try moving it from the carpet to some other surface so it gets a little more airflow. Usually it's good to 85C - 185F
Using the hub mine is warm in my hand but not anywhere near uncomfortably hot.
Mine hit 155F. I put the charger in a soup bowl to keep it elevated. As previously suggested, I charge the RC on its own now. Temperature is now down to 130F.
Charging blocks can get very hot, that is normal. There is lots you can do to keep temperatures down though, by far the easiest is just increase airflow, or charge it in your basement where often the ambient is 10C cooler than the rest of the house. Putting it on a deep carpet or something would probably be the least ideal.
Just to weight in: when charging just batteries I get 104°F and when charging batteries and controller I get 117°F. I have the charging block resting on a shot glass so it gets plenty of surround air flow. The ambient air temp is 78°F.
@shotes mentioned that putting the charger on a stone countertop might be even better. That got me to thinking so I put a sheet of 1/4" glass above and below. When charging the controller and batteries, the block's temp went downs to 94°F. Wow, that's pretty significant.


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