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Crash. What went wrong?


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May 31, 2017
Dear drone flyers. This is my first post to this forum and unfortunetly the sad one.

My friend had a wedding yesterday and I was asked to capture the weding from a drone. I am (at lead I was) a proud user of Mavic Pro for about half a year now. I was quite axcited about this opportunity because I knew I can make some remarkable wedding footage from drone. I managed to get legal approval to fly in dense area and I got to the place early to observe the space and prepare some waypoints to ease my job later. So I setted up some nice trajectory and saved to later usage. Everybody around was also very excited about this little magical flying device. But... Here it goes... The drone returned to the start position of saved trajectory. Than I lost signal to the drone while standing 2 meters from the drone without any evident source of electromagnetic interference anywhere near (OK, I lost signal many times before, no big deal). I had setted RTH to propper altitude to avoid any obstacle in a way home. So the drone lost signal, 2 meters away from me 2 meter above the ground. Mavic suddenly started accelerating forward and descending (WTF) while signal lost. The drone flew about 10 meters forward while descending and I was thinking it is going to hit the ground but some sensors kicked up and the drone stoped 10 meters from its original position of signal lost. I was like "Uffff". But! Unfortunelty the drone stoped under a big tree when it decided it is the time to go home upon signal lost. Mavic started getting altitude for RTH while hitting tree above pretty hard. Fighting the tree granches for good 30 secconds while still signal losts and me trying to restart controller to reconnect to the drone (helped me many times before to reinitiate connection). After 30 seconds of uncontrolled selfdestruction in the treetop Mavic decided it is the time to shutdown propellers and hit the concrete ground beneath (4 meters). I was trying to catch the falling drone and save it from its destruction, unsuccessfully.

Result? Antena on one side cracked, lot of scratches, propeller cracked but mainly gimbal si somehow bended so it can't rotate anomore (still, gimball motors seems to be functional).

Partially relief is that this happened before the wedding while just a few people around and not crashing into a group of people during the ceremony.

What do you think about this? Have I done something wrong? Is there a chance to apply warranty for this? I do not have DJI refresh care.

Attaching some pics... Flying logs can be found here: Dropbox - MavicCrash


  • 2017-09-03 11.51.21.jpg
    2017-09-03 11.51.21.jpg
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I don't know how to read the logs, but maybe the venue had a strong wifi signal that caused interference. Next time set RTH to hover when in relative close proximity to people and you are flying the MP in real LoS distances.

I wonder if it was something with your way point missions (just guessing here).

Good thing no one was hurt!
When it was hovering under the tree,I would have tried to make it land! It sounds like you had a lot of strong wifi signal interfearance.
Was the DJ there setting up speakers I have subs woofers( magnets in side leakers ) in my car I have to be 5-10 meters always or my compass is not calibrated. Also some concrete has metal that interferes with the MP. That really blows sorry to hear that but honestly I would by the refresh now and send the ***** in for a new one in sure you can do that
Sorry about that. Try to contact ThunderDrone, for sure he will be able to help you
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