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Decal Girl Skin Review\Promo Code and Free Skin


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Jan 2, 2018
I purchased two skins from decal girl and below is my review. In the review you will get a promo code for 30% off drone skins. I will also be giving away a skin, check the video out and get your promo code, the skin will be given out to a random watcher of the video that subscribes and comments.

Just skinned my Mavic Pro with a Decal Girl kit...I think they're pretty cool looking. Will post a photo soon.
I must comment about Decal Girl. I owe it to them.
Best customer service ever! I ordered a skin on a holiday weekend and was sent one for and Air, not my Pro. I called and complained... They instantly overnighted mine and refunded my money. They definitely did NOT have to do that. Now I feel bad for complaining... Lol
Best company ever. The skin hasn't budged and is super thick and oozes quality. After months of use it's perfect. Zero fading. I love it.

Buy with confidence.
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I agree! I know some have said there is better coverage from others but I really like decal-girl.. high quality very easy and forgiving to install! I'll post pics later.. but so far I have installed three sets with the forth coming Sat and the 5th next week! (yes I have a drone problem)

These are all decal girl...the 5th is on the way....
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The cheap decals are fine...yes they have a habit of not sticking in all places.
All that is required is some hot air over the places that don't adhere to them.
This makes the adhesive more sticky and you will have no more problems with peel-back.
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