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Ditched my Karma for Mavic Pro 2, but video seemed better. Help??


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Oct 1, 2018
Hey everyone.

Just picked up my first DJI DRONE, after having the Karma for 6 months. didn’t like the karmas size, so decided on a change after all the incredible reviews on the pro 2.

However, friend of mine had the mavic and I always complained his video looked dark and muddy, where mine was INCREDIBLE, COLORFUL and RICH. Now I am having the same issue with a dull looking video and stills that seem detailed but “meh”.

Went and watched a bunch of videos on best tuning, using the new 10bit, not shooting in auto, etc. Still, not much improvement. The stills look ok after adjusting aperture a few times and finally getting the right shot, but still murky. Video? Even worse. I live in Hawaii where colors pop and water looks incredible. It looks almost brownish now no matter what setting I change, exposure I chose, even adjusting the custom sharpness and balance. ‘

PLEASE. SOMEONE. TELL ME I AM MISSING SOMETHING. All these people praise this thing and as a drone? Incredible. As a video or photo machine? I almost want my KARMA back.

Can someone help? I hate to hear “post production”, because for $1500 I expected better image quality true to life than this out of the box. Do I really need to download and fix every video to a get what the GoPro gave me on the first try? Any advice is helpful. Thanks. Joe.
Post some images from each so people understand what it is you like...

The M2Z might have been a better choice for you. The Pro is very much intended for people who WANT post-production latitude and precisely want to avoid any type of baked in "gopro look".
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As already mentioned: please post some photos/short clips so we can understand exactly what you mean.
Beside this: I think especially the M2P is meant for “postproduction” – with 10Bit a must.
With my bigger cams I also shoot always RAW – same now with M2P (DNG).
OOC M2P only supports one picture profile for now. Which I think is a OK, not overly punchy profile.
Have you tried changing contrast and saturation (if you want to use JPG)?
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I’m not sure what issues you’re having. Here are 2 photos I took with the M2P. These are standard jpeg images with no post editing shot in aperture mode. If you need exact settings let me know. I scrubbed exif data because it had my relatives address and geo info.
Yes way to much browns , also the sensor is getting hammered I’m shure you have read about this, line skipping, dji suck for screwing everyone, you can see the difference when you switch from video to camera that when in video mode it’s gets *****, I call it mudd mode, so I fly my phantom 4pro it get a way better video, don’t get me wrong I have captured some of my best video footage with the Mavic2pro, flys so much better than the p4p/brick/ Lol, unfinished product, but killer camera and gimbal dji have separate teams for each drone, we need a Mavic -3 with the phantom sensor and better colors for the Mavic, like you said way to much /Brown just my thoughts
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