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DJI email? Anybody get this

Where I fly there isn’t WiFi anyway, I’ve had to take there knowledge quiz three Times now!
2 mavics and one was sent to the repair shop they installed a new core board
I wouldn’t use the links in the email, go to or use the dji website. These hackers are always sending out junk emails trying to get my iTunes, Amazon or gmail login info. No clue how my dji acct could help them just a heads up, hate to see anyone get scammed
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That’s why I asked if anyone else got the email! Sure I could do it, but I won’t till something doesn’t work
Never, ever, click on an email link to change a password. If you are concerned, go directly to the site and change it from inside your account.

I do not know if the email is legit but it is a classic example of a phishing attempt. Those that reuse their login information (you know who you are) may soon find that they are locked out of their now empty bank account.
I agree, emails like this are always a red flag for me, Hover the mouse over the link they provide in the email and it should show where the link is actually sending you at the bottom of the screen. Just because the link says its DJI doesnt mean that thats where they are taking you. They could make that link say North pole if they wanted too.
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Clicking on the sender email address or hovering over with mouse will show the real email address not the “nickname” they are going by.
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I went to DJI "contact us" page. None of their email addresses say @e.dji. Just @DJI. Anyone else find an e. in their addresses?
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Once a hacker gets access to your DJI account, they'll try those same credentials on other accounts you have to see of they get lucky. They will also collect your security questions/ answers for use on your other accounts if the stolen passwords don't work.
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