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dji fpv goggles v2


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Jun 1, 2023
north carolina
the googles are the one that came with a package . has the camera to be placed on any drone . this combo works but im trying to use this with dji mavic 2 pro . i vant see how to pair them , also i cant use the samrt controller either .
here is a link to what i think these are,aps,70&sr=8-5
on the googles it says model p1gs i can t find this anywhere lol .
im new here and older but im a very good old nurd please help if possible .
ive read so much that seems to be inaacurate or just wrong asnd it seems there are many dji goggles that are no longer made
what i own as a lsit is
this package goggles and camera and a black racing controller
mavic 2 pro
smart controller and a few other controllers all work fine but non with the goggles except for the combo .
all firmware's have been updated
ive read the samrt controller can be used with these using the usb c cable , i cant find a way to see anything .
ive tried binding and pairing many ways non work with the goggles .
any thoughts and thanks in advance ps these have 4 antennas
this is what i have , all items have been updtaed to new firmware versions . all activated by DJI assistant ver 2 .
no matter what i try to do non link to each other .
where can i see what devices i have activated to dji ? when i log in it does not show all my devices .
im wondering am i missing something i just dont see thats needed .
please help and give advise


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I'm not sure the V2 goggles work with a Mavic 2 Pro. I think it is made for the newer drones using Occusync 3. I could be wrong though and I'm sure someone will be along to correct me if I am.
I think I you maybe correct there is soo much confusing information on dji goggles
the googles seem to be bricked as well now
They boot but no option to unbind for other camera modules.
I bought a refurbished goggles re this works ok
I also bought the air unit for them this way I can use them for Anything as well.
the goggles and air unit are going back to dji to fix the software issue.
oddly I can load new firmware
Use the analog input
the air unit seems ok too it load new firmware and even the sd card can be used to playback video.
let’s see the internet is very confusing and no doubt about it being misleading
Post back when it’s done and Ty for the reply
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