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DJI Mini 3 Pro Drops off the Sky Spinning


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Feb 5, 2017
With all latest updates I was flying the other day normally, and the drone just started spinning and crashed, breaking some propellers.

I got some new propellers, and after installing a complete set of new ones, I noticed the drone wants to flip to the left on takeoff.

Double checked the propeller type and they are all fine. (CW CCW)

Calibrated the IMU and compass for effect, and the problem remains...

What else can I do?

Many thanks for your help!

You almost certainly have props on the wrong motor/s, check them again-- carefully, page 29 of the 1.4 manual.
Keep any blades you have to move or remove in their ORIGINAL pairings, they are probably weight matched for balance, do not replace 1 blade on a motor, ALWAYS replace both blades, preferably with new blades stright from a just opened DJI pack.

With regards to the crash, were any COMPLETE blades missing from the drone?

What controller do you use and if relevant what phone?
Have a look at DJI Flight Log Viewer | Phantom Help
follow the inctructions and see if you can find and upload the .txt. flightlog for the crash flight to that site. If so post the resulting URL here.
With all latest updates I was flying the other day normally, and the drone just started spinning and crashed, breaking some propellers.
You might need to resolve this incident before getting back in the air.
Firmware updates don't cause a drone to spin and crash.
Faults with a motor or prop cause things like that.
Your drone isn't going to fly properly until that fault has been cleared.
Double checked the propeller type and they are all fine. (CW CCW)
Can you share a photo from the top of your drone showing all of the props attached?
Con todas las actualizaciones más recientes, volaba el otro día normalmente, y el dron comenzó a girar y se estrelló, rompiendo algunas hélices.

Obtuve algunas hélices nuevas y, después de instalar un juego completo de hélices nuevas, noté que el dron quiere girar hacia la izquierda durante el despegue.

Verifique dos veces el tipo de hélice y todos están bien. (CW CCW)

Calibre la IMU y la brújula para el efecto, y el problema persiste...

¿Que más puedo hacer?

¡Muchas gracias por su ayuda!
Hy dbaruch.
Are you getting any error codes? A brand new replacement did the same thing to me last week and I got 30165 (edited, previously wrong number) motor stuck. It was literally the first flight out of the box. Couldn't find anything wrong with the motors so sent it back to DJI., and they're refusing to cover it under warranty.

Hope you get yours figured out.

EDIT: 3/23/2023

Update to my situation posted above.

First off, let me explain that I had an issue where the drone would fly fine for a couple of minutes but then it would give error 30165 (stuck motor) and fall to the ground. I flew several short flights trying to figure out a solution.

Apparently when DJI denies a warranty you get moved up to the next level of customer service. Or at least that is what "regular" CS told me. I was called by this level CS and was left a voice mail with the denial and the reason why (flight log showed side impact, i.e. user error).

I was able to get them to call me again and give me more details as to why they denied the claim. It turns out the repair center in Texas reviewed only the last flight and that is where they saw a side impact (from hitting the ground I assume). That was on the 14th. However, the first flight and crash occurred on the 13th. I guess the techs assume the last flight is the only one that really matters, and they're probably correct most of the time.

The "next level" CS requested the repair center re-evaluate the logs and they were able to confirm that the replacement drone did have a propulsion issue before the side impact of the later flight. DJI is going to cover the drone under warranty.

Having my flight data handy really helped. I hope this helps someone else who thinks they have a valid claim denied by DJI.
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