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DJI Refresh .. very impressed.


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Feb 19, 2018
Well I’m very impressed with DJI Refresh and their after sales service. After purchasing a Red Mavic Air Fly More back in March I thought ok I’ll buy Refresh with it... guess what? I had to use it. Unfortunately my controller got wet and two of my 3 batteries (the third one I will be keeping an eye on) are U/S one actually exploded (or had an exit burn... they stink! I just noticed there is a small hole in the lining of the fly more bag... luckily it was wet, or is it fire proof) I actually wasn’t in the air at the time but It got salt water damage from a wave. Sadly the controller isn’t covered under the Refresh policy (€184 ) I sent the Mavic in for repair (€89..) after having to chat online with someone called „Thomas“ (Germany) a very helpful person. My problem was that the repair link doesn’t appear on the German website... only the English language one. He was aware of this. So I changed to „English“ and filled out the repair report. I didn’t send in propellers or the battery as instructed. I forgot to take off my compulsory Nano nameplate and an ND filter. I then contacted DJI again and said I’d forgotten to take my ND filter off. I gave him my case number and he made a note in my case. I paid online using an email link for PayPal. Total repair €284.... It took just 11 days to get my „Refresh“. I received a (brand new? ... sealed cellophane box without prop guards.. controller came separate) Red Mavic Air (with a new battery and Mavic case + instructions on linking) a new controller (I think) my ND filter was returned and to my surprise my Nano nameplate too! I’m very glad I bought Refresh and would recommend it to anyone. The controller was very expensive but at the end of the day it was my fault. I actually didn’t think I was going to get a replacement battery so I bought two more from DJI off Amazon (cheaper than DJI store if you have Prime) So to sum up: Quick, great communications, accidents happen even if you’re just preparing to fly! Refresh isn’t cheap but it‘s what it is... insurance. Saltwater is an instant death so be careful. I have about 14 hours of flight experience with Mavic Air just to give you an idea of my level of experience... 14 hours is quite a bit of „Air Time“

Thinking of upgrading to a Mavic 2 Pro at some stage.... love Hasselblad marriage.
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My DJI Refresh experience has been, so far, a very pleasant experience. From the initial contact reporting the "incident" (a MP2 Pro drone crash, due to heavy fog and bright sunlight striking the sensor(s) combined with some pilot error, I'm sure). After verification of the serial numbers were confirmed, a UPS pre-paid label was sent via email promptly.

The "deductible" or fee charged, $119USD had to be paid via PayPal. (I'm sure they get a better rate than what VISA or MasterCard fees must be) Easy to set up, the DJI customer service employee walked me through the steps and verified receipt of the payment. PayPal will "automatically cancel out if not used for 30 days", not verified, but sounds plausible.

DC to DJI California via UPS ground is about 5 days door to door.
"Two days to process DJI Refresh exchange", so far, they are right on schedule. IF an expedited Next Day or Two Day delivery is needed, be ready for outrageous fees. I was quoted $190 USD for Next Day and $130-$170 USD for Two Day delivery. Perhaps there is a fee included because of the work flow disruption?

I'm very impressed with the level of customer service DJI had given me with the replacement of the MP2 Pro and a new route, should arrive in 5 days if all goes well.

DJI stated that they will replace the MP2 Pro and the battery with new items, both with new/different serial numbers that do NOT indicate a refurbished status. NICE.

Comparing this a warranty repair/replacement claim with a similar situation I had this year a Leica camera purchase ($6500 camera, body only!), it's two thumbs up for DJI.

Leica customer service was horrible, multiple phone calls, numerous emails over a 5 month timeframe with nothing done, a lawsuit for non-performance was suggested, and then, and only then, did they replace my camera...with refurbished parts! (the camera failed due to a defect at only two weeks of ownership!).

Now that DJI has the majority interest in Hasselblad, it might be time to jump ship and leave the Germans/Leica behind. After seeing the quality of the MP2 Pro images, it's a no-brainer that Hasselblad products will replace my Leica camera in the months to come. Thanks DJI!
Careful with buying cheaper batteries and props, even through Amazon. They could be inferior knockoffs.
Powerextra seems to have a good reputation though.
I had my M2 close to a month. I thought I'd get refresh soon, but since it is over 48hrs since activation, I'd have to send a video to prove it is air worthy.
I got an email today from DJI that since the Go app didn't suggest Care Refresh, they are giving me 72 hours to get it.

I think the app did prompt an offer, but thanks for the 2nd chance DJI!
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