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  1. PalmettoAerial

    Binding Replacement 2S with RC Pro Controller

    I am looking for any and all intel on binding my new S2 that came in the mail today. I bought the RC Pro controller package a couple of months ago. I have never bound a controller before. And I have read a few threads on here about binding other controllers but would like feedback for the pro...
  2. T

    Refresh - my drone replacement is lost

    I crashed my Mavic 2 Pro in September and since I have the "refresh” option I sent it for replacement. Everything was going well and fast until I received an email with tracking number telling me my replacement drone has shipped. This was a month ago and the tracking number keeps showing that...
  3. thefrisbee995

    Who Has Actually Claimed on DJI Care Refresh? Was It Hard?

    Just ordered myself a Mini 2 (+Fly More Combo)... I'm tempted with the DJI care refresh plan they have, however, I have had companies wriggle out of paying out or replacing products with such schemes before. I'm wondering who here can share their experience with DJI care refresh after a crash...
  4. H

    Screws and warranty question

    Does anyone know why a few of the screws have a plug like thing in them? Is it to see if you violate warrant? It’s like glue in the top so you can’t tighten loosen the screw. I want to tighten the screw because I found some loose ones but I don’t want to violate my warranty. DJI was absolutely...
  5. G

    DJI Refresh .. very impressed.

    Well I’m very impressed with DJI Refresh and their after sales service. After purchasing a Red Mavic Air Fly More back in March I thought ok I’ll buy Refresh with it... guess what? I had to use it. Unfortunately my controller got wet and two of my 3 batteries (the third one I will be keeping an...
  6. gjmphoto

    "Refresh App" in Moverio Store

    Folks, I think this is a stupid question, but I'm wondering. When I go into the Moverio store and look at my apps, my GO 4 has a button that says "Refresh". On all my other apps, I see "Installed" or "Update". I know that I should update when it says "Update" (I'm THAT smart) to get the...
  7. J

    Crashed Mavic pro into a tree now my gimbal is messed up

    Hi I took my mavic out of the box today, I was flying for 11 minutes then it crashed into a huge tree, the gimble is completly messed up. My main issue now is I bought refresh care with it but it would not let me bind this due to (screen shot attached) I bought them at the same time and same...
  8. S

    Malicious bot? Mystery flyaway diagnosis.

    So i've had my Mavic since around July/August 2017. Not long right? It's been through a TON of firmware upgrades and in fact out of the box needed an upgrade and kept giving warnings that it had "Inconsistent firmware" even after multiple passes. It crashed in an unstoppable flyaway, breaking...
  9. Mavicao

    DJI Care Refresh vS DIY Repair

    I just received my Mavic Pro, coming from a salvaged Parrot Bebop that had suffered water damage and I had to replace the motherboard. It served me well but I'm glad I get to retire it. I have 24 hours left to aquire the DJI Care Refresh and I've been going through Mavic Pros' crash videos...
  10. N

    Confusion about DJI refresh program

    I purchased my bird in early march (w DJI refresh) and crashed it in early May. Sent it in for repair early June under the program and got it back July 10 (yesterday). This bird has a different serial number so I assume t hat they replaced mine with another one. When I booted everything up...
  11. S

    I Killed My Lovely Bird - Looking for Info to Expedite Refresh Return

    Thinking this was not the best forum, I re-created the full post in the General Forum. I can't seem to find how to take down my post. So I will leave it with this: I crashed my Mavic. DJI's instructions regarding what to send to get a Refresh replacement seem contradictory. What should I...
  12. O

    Looking for DJI Care Refresh reviews

    Looking at buying DJI Care Refresh, and am looking for reviews. Is it worth it? Is there a lot of hassle? Do they refuse to repair some things? Mavic manufactured March 17 I fly over lots of water, some of which the mavic would be unrecoverable if it went down.
  13. TimeIsMine

    Will DJI honor a 2nd purchase of Refresh on a Refresh-repaired(refurb)unit?

    Hello pilots! So just earlier UPS delivered my first replacement back from DJI Repair under my first Refresh repair. (That wait is horrible!!)The replacement unit was a completely new unit(or refurbished) and lost my drone wrap. Don't expect to get those back if your unit is pretty messed up...
  14. C

    DJI customer service is a joke

    I sent my drone in to be repaired on April 2nd. On April 17th when I was in the last phase of the repair process I asked that they mail it to a different address which they confirmed both over the phone and via email. By April 19th I went an email asking for the status. On April 21st i got an...
  15. markyodo

    Would you buy a refurb?

    I was just getting ready to purchase a Mavic (new) and a friend has offered to sell his Mavic. He is getting it back this week from DJI Refresh after a crash, cracked the joint on one of the arms and bent the gimble. I'm not sure if I would want a refurb, or if the DJI insurance would still...
  16. MavicMikeGA

    So FRUSTRATING! Why does it keep forcing me to land??!!

    Power up and calibration all passed. No issue. However, when I start to fly it literally goes up 10 feet then lands again. I then disabled GPS, all sensors, and installed a different app than the DJI app and finally got if off the ground. I got one good photo (attached) before the battery...
  17. RC Mantis

    That tree came out of nowhere (Video "The Death Of A Mavic" Added 3/9/17)

    I was filming The Palace Of Fine Arts in San Francisco this evening. The sun was low in the sky and behind the Palace. With the harsh back lighting I was thinking the only way to get a decent exposure was to fly close enough to keep the Mavic in the shadow of The Palace. I decided to do a...
  18. MrBind


    after weeks of research i finally decide to pull the trigger on a dji mavic which should be arriving in 2 days. while i usually hate to purchase products as they are first released the mavic just seems too good to wait on. i have been scouring the forums for all the information i can and i have...
  19. H


    Hey guys, I took her out for her first flight this morning. I seem to be getting these bars when I fly forward fast and I'm not sure what it is. All my settings are Auto because I want to get used to the drone before I go into Dlog and color correct myself. The bars look like it's a camera...
  20. B

    Sys Warning Check App- app displays no warning

    Hi all, I've had my magic for a few days now. And since day one there has been an error that says "sys warning Check app'. It is displayed on the controller however when i go in to the app there is no warnings. I have treid to update firmware via Dji assistant 2 and It seems stuck in a...