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Drone Law - Greece (Kos, Crete and Rhodes)


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Aug 17, 2018
Hi all,

Currently travelling and will be spending a few week on Kos, Crete and Rhodes.

I'm tried to do as much research as I can without asking, however I am stuck on what may be conflicting rules about drone use in Greece.

DAGR (DroneAware - Greece) has a good website which shows the rules/restrictions as well as map of 'zones'.

The rules state that I don't need a permit if I keep within 50m VLOS, yet the places I want to fly are also within Yellow Zones (4 General Limitation, 2 Heliport Perimeter and 1 Danger Area). The 'Danger Area' (near Chania) I've absolutely no idea why it's classed as that.

But, am I allowed to fly within these zones without a permit, providing I stick to the 50m rule?
Yes you are free to fly within the 50 meter zone.

I asked a bit around since I'm going to Kos Island in the start of October 2018 and a Greek guy told me that those rules were not followed by the police.
In fact I was told that if I applied for a Drone permit in Greece to fly further than 50 meters away and in advance showed that permit to the police they would just look at me with a strange look.
He said that if I was going to fly my drone in Greece, just follow the rules and not to irritate people. Keep well away from the airports, stay clear of highways and places where a lot of people are gathered together. So, that is what I'm going to do.

He also said, "Remember you are in Greece... ;)"

Thanks for your reply. I should have actually changed my post a while ago as I'm still here and having no issues at all.

Kos had no problems at all, it was a joy to fly, took some lovely photos and had a great time.

The irritation factor is a good point, the only time I've been ask to not fly was by the fishermen early on a morning as they said I was scaring the fish away, but Kos, Crete and Rhodes (where I am at the moment) have been an absolute joy.

Enjoy Kos, lovely island, hire a quad and go round it in a day and take some fantastic drone shots - it's well worth it!
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