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Drone tracker


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Apr 19, 2018
What are all the brands of tracking units for our beloved drones .
I fly in spots that have zero cell coverage .
So far the Marco Polo is the only one I have found that don’t need any phone service and is a stand alone unit .

Is there any more units like this .

The reason I am asking is I got caught in some high winds and thought I was going to need to land in the bush .

Where I was at it went from zero wind to 40 mph in about two minutes . I was across a small little fishing pond taking pictures of the water control dam . I was lucky that dropping to 20’ off the water I got out of most of the wind .
Marco Polo is the only option since it uses FM Radio frequencies and not GSM or CDMA cellular service.

Unless you buy into those crowd sourced Bluetooth gadgets that would only work if someone with the app on thier phone and Bluetooth walked by your drone way out in the bush (which is extremely unlikely)
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There are other homebuilt solutions that enable a buzzer when the front facing LED lights are turned on and off, but they require one to open the bird and solder leads , etc.. A buzzer may not be loud enough as well.
The Marco Polo is what I use too, I have a 3D printed mount to fasten the ultralight transceiver to the Mavic Pro.

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Can anyone explain what we are talking about here? :O
Can anyone explain what we are talking about here? :O
The Marco Polo Tracking system is used to track your drone in case of loss. It comes with a hand-held unit that can find the transceiver attached to your drone from a distance of 2 miles, no cellular connection or monthly subscriptions required.
You can find the Marco Polo system HERE
I have an idea. Does anyone use a mini GPS tracker like SpyTec STI_GL300 for tracking? I have abandoned the Bluetooth tracker like title, but still hesitate between SpyTec STI_GL300 and Marco Polo.
The SpyTec GPS trackers wont work real-time without cell coverage and require a monthly or annual cell plan. As said above, Marco Polo is radio based- no cellular plans or additional bills. If you are in a urban area the GPS would work, but not so well in remote places.
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