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Drones for sale on Face Book seem to all be scams

why do you assume they are all scams? Maybe the guy in Islip NY repairs drones??
Seems people make a business out of buying and reselling goods from amazon and elsewhere because they can get them cheap. Looks like returns and broken drones and other drones that needed repair.
Adage: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
I just peeked at Facebook Marketplace and drones for sale around here (Albany, NY) were listed closer to what is probably market value. Someone in my town has a Phantom 3 Standard with one battery listed for $450. I'm tempted to list my P3S for some walking-around money.
Take a look at this listing...not the same guy in Islip
Take a look at this one
View attachment 175334
See the blatant plugging of the wayf7 site? That is a notorious scam site. They post deals "too good to be true" and then scam with fraudulent listings on wayf7 and sell your personal information to even shadier players. You should report this one, if only for the reference to wayaf7 has a nice article on why you should avoid wayf7.
I keep reporting them, but they never go away
There are more and more scams as each day passes (on Facebook or not). It's a game of numbers. And, unfortunately, there are more scammers than people attempting to remove/prevent them.
Face book? That's lost me. You would need a blow torch to get into my wallet (pocket book I think its called in the US)
Its worth remembering Need and Desire are two entirely different things but often confused.
Ask for a face to face. That will stop the scammers.
Nope, face to face is just as risky. If not a strong arm robbery, there are ways to fake the transfer of payment if you are not dealing in cash. Meeting face to face opens up a whole new front on being scammed unless you are prepared and know all the tricks and you have the right mindset. Honestly, face to face is the last place I'd want to meet the criminal. Asking for a face to face meeting does not deter the scams but only generally kills the honest deals because people like me won't meet my buyer face to face; for sure I won't meet you in a parking lot with my goods, that's not going to happen.
When I sold my previous house 5 years ago, I sold off a lot of stuff via Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Nextdoor. While the last two can be toxic cesspools, you can see the accounts of the people who contact you. I ignored anyone with an account that was less than a year old.

I would have people meet me in the parking lot of the town police department.
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