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Epson Moverio Update R1.5

Hi all, what is the benefit of this update? I just got my glasses, DJI Go 4 seems to work ok with Mavic 2. On the other hand, some of those who updated to 1.5 reported reboot loops and overheating...
Looking for anyone who knows the best place to purchase the Epson BT-300’s drone edition glasses at the lowest price. Any suggestions? Thanks

Amazon or B and H Photo. I got mine from B and H, and sometimes you may get a free holder for the controller or a free "pair" of the Rochester shade. It's a roll of the dice depending on the "promo"? that is run...
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Lost connection between drone and glasses . Saw notification of update/refresh on screen . It downloaded ,got up to 235 mb of 248mb then changed to the circle icon spinning and has stayed like that for over 10 minutes. A previous install of the Soar app approx 121 mb took about 4 minutes all up. Any tips found.
`The latest system software is ver 1.7.0 released on 2020-01-15. The title of this thread is incorrect.

It took me many attempts to download, but eventually I got it done. Seems there is some connection problem with the Epson server.
In the release note they say they have fixed a bug with the geomagnetic sensor (compass?) and also improved the calibration app, which I could never get to work at all. I did try it briefly and it still seems pretty dodgy to me. Will give it a serious go when I have time.
Nope, the "fix" would be on DJI's end. They changed things up midway to prevent backreving and trying to control what works with their stuff....
No way to make an RC1B work.
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