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FAA License?

You'll need to register with the FAA here and mark your aircraft with your FAA registration number before flying. If you're only flying as a hobbyist, choose the option to register under Section 336.
I only have one drone and it is not registered.
As others have noted, you need to register the drone with the FAA before you fly it outdoors. For hobby/recreation, you will actually be registering yourself and not the actual drone.

You only need a license if you are flying the drone for something other than hobby/recreation such as for commercial or business purposes.

I think that @Thunderdrones is referring to your thread where you said you lost your Mavic Pro. Was that one registered? Need Mavic Pro Drone
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The first drone that I lost in a lake was not registered. The one I bought to replace it is also not registered yet. If required, I will register it this week.

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