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Mini First Snow in Des Moines Iowa 2020

Fellow DSM Flyer!
Video looked a bit cold & grey... no blue sunny skies! (kidding)
You had a snowy flight... pretty brave to take the little Mini up in wet snow... didn't look windy in video, that's a plus.

Radio signal issues?... Hmmm, sounds like a great Wife excuse... urrr... Reason for a Mini2 with OcuSync 2. ;)
Took my Mini out few weeks ago... 18-24mph wind... had to zig-zag home, not enough prop power to bring it home into wind.

Flew Sunday on a DSM construction survey... Inspire 2, was a gusty 34 degrees on ground and about 26-28 at flight. Was either a damp biting cold, or I'm not used to it yet... it was COLD to fingers! Always a bit edgy to fly in cold around structures compared to open ground, bit of $$ flying and confidence always a bit uneasy on possible cold failures... Battery warmers ran prior to flight.

Enjoy the Winter, I think we may be in for lengthy one!
I'm actually hoping for some good snows... beautiful from above!
This was filmed by a DJI Mavic Mini
I was having problems with signal.
UGH!!! that looks terrible! What a rude awakening. What is all of that WHITE STUFF in the air? Bravo to you for braving the snow and the weather. You are a braver drone enthusiast than I am. The video depicted the scene with alacrity.
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