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First week opinions of 3T


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Feb 23, 2019
Prior drone experience was 2 Zoom. Wanted 24 hour operational capability with extended wind speeds as well as offline operation.

So far this has exceeded my expectations. Off line mapping is excellent and includes topo maps as well as google sat image on the same download. You only have to go online in the restricted network mode to download the maps and then they are available with no outside connections (except for GPS) but you must be in restricted mode to see maps as they are not visible in offline mode.

Just tried a day flight on normal mode in very gusty winds that exceeded 50 kph at 30 meters and was 20 - 35 kph as I was landing. I had to change the radar mode to braking vs avoid as the AC got a bit squirrely with a combination of wind and with overhead structures nearby. I consider this near the top end of most conditions I will fly in and did get warnings but no threats of landing.

The thermal is very good. You can see paw prints at close range for a minute or so after the animal crosses. I am still working on best palate which seem to change from day to night due to temp. Resolution is good enough to see a rabbit at a 100m in a field IF the temp contrast is available.

The zoom has to be experienced to fully appreciate. I watched all the videos before purchasing but they don't do justice.

The noise level is better than the 2Z subjectively but did cause rabbits to run for cover about 15 meters above them.

Range has never been a factor as I don't fly further than about 1.5 k on CE mode but I have a known blind spot that I tested over a ridge about 200m away that I slowly drop out of sight to check for loss of signal. The new pro controller still loses signal in this spot but does reach a bit deeper. I dont have conclusive numbers on this yet but would say it is not much better in this regard than the original controller and 2Z.

I would like to get some feedback from Mavic 3 wetsuit users for extending operation into mist, fog and light rain.

Oh yeah, one last thing. The discrete mode is very helpful but a bit buggy. I set the lights off on C1 and the Strobe on C2. This seems to confuse the machine and provide unpredictable results. I am still working through this to get consistent modes established.
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