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Flying in Spain Torrevieja


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Aug 12, 2018
Hello fellow drone operators! I am In Spain for vacation, and I did bring the drone with me.

I have been trying to research and understand the local drone laws, but I can’t find a good translation, or explanation on whether I can fly in the Torrevieja area. I’m in a zone marked as “RVF” wich has a symbol of no photography and explanation in Spanish that google translate don’t do a good job of translating.

Currently been using the IcarusRPA app, this forum, and various other sources to try and wrap my head around this

Can anyone elaborate?
Hola! I have a Spanish RPA certificate. I live on the top edge of that Zone outside La Marina.
Zone 914 has military jets coming in from the sea and heading inland.

I have just watched a Spanish video explaining the RVF zones. RVF zones are controlled by the Ministry of Defence. Flying in an RVF zone is not permitted without permission of the MoD.

Permission can be obtained by contacting the MoD. I think only commercial drone pilots can obtain permission. The form asks for type of drone and camera being used. Where and when you intend to fly and what type of work is being carried out.

People have flow in the RVF area without permission without problems and others have been fined for flying Moncayo beach. So it’s the luck of the draw if you get caught.

This time of year beaches are out of bounds, 50m from people etc. The only place you could fly would be the bottom part of the salt flats. Below the RVF zone. Theres a Parque National at the top of the lake with pink flamingos. Parque Nationals are no fly zones in Spain.
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Thank you for the great explanation! I for sure am not going to try to apply. I guess there is a processing time for such a application. I am certified rpa in Norway though. I would have to head to Mazzaron or closer to Orihuela. Would love to capture some video, but it’s not worth risking lives and fines! I hope in the future that Spanish drone rules get clearer, but it seems to only get harder and harder to fly everywhere.
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Here's map of Torrevieja drone fly/no fly zones
The city itself falls under the San Javier Airport controlled airspace; the North of the city is not allowed to drones with cameras on-board. However, if you go a little inland towards Orihuela, seems you will be fine there as long as you respect Spain's drone code of conduct :) Hope this helps, safe flight!
@paulrawlingson - what app / website do you get those maps from. They look really useful.
Hey no worries,

Its from IcarusRPA - SKYDRONEX - DRONEX ®
Another cool link if from ENAIRE which helps you identify your drone must/not depending on your intentions.
But this is not enough as you need to combine other Spanish rules (..pure Spain..) to meet 100% of Spanish drone laws; I've spent 4H this morning to sum up all new legislation around drone use in Spain here..

Here to help!
@Alicante Design Hi any chance you could share a link to apply to mod for rvf. I am a commercial UAV pilot in uk but just want to apply to fly in Mallorca for non commercial holiday photos in the mountain region, no where near people or military sites.
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