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Flying on the beach in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


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Jun 9, 2018
Hello everyone, I had an opportunity come up where I can purchase a DJI Mavic Air at a pretty good discount, better yet I will be going to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida for vacation - just outside of Destin, Florida. I would love the opportunity to gather some aerial video and photos. I am getting a little bit of mixed information when it comes to authorization flight of a drone in that location.

When I check FAA's B4UFLY app it only shows two helipads in the place I will be staying (a private beach), however if I go to "Plan a Flight" no matter what day or time I pick it shows my area in a NFZ. When I check other apps like AirMap, DJI GO 4 and UAV Forecast all only show the helipads in the area and do not label it as a NFZ. Eglin AFB is way more than 5 linear miles from where I would be flying.

I know I should believe FAA's app as that should in theory be the most accurate when it comes to airspace information. I have a little hope in that it is over-compensated or clearance is easily granted.

I have vacationed in the same area for about 6 years and low flying aircraft do frequent, but I would say they are mostly above the 400ft mark. I would not be alone and if a manned aircraft were headed my direction I would go low and head back land when safe.

Has anyone had experience flying in Santa Rosa Beach near Dune Allen? Does anyone know how to contact the Eglin AFB for information regarding this airspace or clearance? If I were to keep my UAV below 200ft and no more than 1/4 off-shore, would I be mostly in the clear?
Did you get an answer on this? Did you fly there?

I'll be staying in Blue Mountain Beach in a few weeks and also trying to figure out if I can put my drone up on the beach for a few minutes.
Eglin and Tyndall are both in the area, but vell over the 5mile range.
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