Frame rate and video quality workflow when flying?

Discussion in 'Editing & Technics (Photo & Video)' started by hanger18, Jul 12, 2018 at 11:54 PM.

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    It’s gotta my number one Hangup with the Mavic for me.

    I’m so lost as to how and what settings to shoot with. Seems like 30 FPS is what a lot of you guys use. But what happens when you wanna slow in the same shoot. Do you switch frame rates and quality mid air?
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    Hautes Pyrenees, SW France
    Surely you just stop the video, change settings and restart video? Then join the clips in post. Or use a faster frame rate throughout and introduce slo-mo in post.

    So in summary, the answer to your question is yes.
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    Just like there is no best phone or best camera or best whatever the same applies here. Much of what makes something the best to one person is subjective. Other times it is entirely based on what they want to accomplish. So if I am flying for the fun of it and want to record it I use a general setting (2.7k/30) otherwise I have a specific plan and set things accordingly.
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    I have played with most of the mechanical options with my Mavic Pro and Go4, I have a solid understanding of photography, but i am unhappy with the quality of the everyday video that I shoot.
    I have issue with contrast,color, and exposure, and the time that it takes for the camera to adjust from open sky to heavy green tree line to a house, etc. I have played with white balance, auto/manual exposure and such. Is it possible that I have an issue with the camera? When I look at posts on FB, I can only assume that there is a lot of post work for every shot. Is this the case? I have iMovie, and I am considering Lightroom, I know I am not inclined to learn Photoshop and other high end post programs. Will attempt to attach a short example. Thanks in advance for help.
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