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Front LEDs not functioning - missing option?


Aug 8, 2018
I have the LEDs turned on in my advanced settings. I wasn't able to find 'Front LEDs auto turn off' under the camera settings. The camera menu I found in another thread seems to be quite different than the one I have - are all settings the same across iOS / Android platforms / is this still available with the current app or are they forced off when filming?
It is best if they are off while filming, otherwise they can put a red cast on the image at dusk or dark. They should turn back on when not taking video or pictures. are you saying you want to keep them on while filming? If so, i am not sure that is an option. I have never tried. Maybe someone else can give some insight.
I don't see the same options in my app (ex. Front LEDs auto turn off and several others) as I do in the last screenshot of message #4 in this thread:

Front Leds not working

It wasn't just during filming, sometimes they just plain wouldn't come on I wanted to find the option above and toggle it off/on to try to see if that fixes it
You can also turn the lights on/off with the C1/C2 buttons.

I have used the 'shortcut' button but not yet for the lights.

Do you / anyone have all the options on the second screen seen here, specifically the highlighted one (the issue is they don't always stay on even not shooting, I'm trying to find this setting to turn it off / on to see if it works):

Did you notice in the picture you reference in the other thread that in the upper left corner the aircraft icon had been selected? Maybe you are in a different menu? I doubt you have software that is different than all of us.
I was on the right menu but it requires the aircraft to connected. I was looking for the icon offline last night while the batteries were charging. I didn't think I'd be able to update it but at least see it. I'm going for a test spin and will toggle it off / on to see if that fixes it.
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