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Mini 3 Giant ship turns on a Dime - timelapse

Very interesting video and interesting maneuvering. Thanks for posting it.

I'm curious about the thrusters. This article has two photos of the bow thrusters. Are there similar units on the stern, or are they diverting the wash from the propellers?

It's worth noting that Queen Anne is commanded by a woman, Captain Inger Klein Thorhauge. She was Cunard's first female captain, back in 2010
It is cool watching the Captain use the bow thrusters and the pods. We went on an Alaskan cruise and went into Fjord to see some cool water falls. The Captain did the same thing with our ship. Interesting being aboard when happened.
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Cunards brand new liner , the Queen Anne , Turning unaided at Cobh , Ireland
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Females have often been know to turn on a dime
Most all modern ships are equipped with electric thrusters in the bow, midship and stern along with 360 degree Azipods the main motors which allow them to maneuver and dock unassisted.
Awesome video! Amazing watching it turn so easily
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