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Hello from Manila, Philippines!

Welcome to the forum! :)
newbie Drone Pilot here from Manila, Philippines. I use DJI Mavic Air 2s.

Welcome from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, USA. We have a Member's Map in the Upper Right of the Title Bar. Click on "Members" and then Click on "Member's Map…" Check it out and you might find some new flying friends.

Since you live in Manila, there are specific laws and rules for you to follow, please check to ensure these are current.

Even if you have flown Drones before, here is some Good Old Fashion Advice…

You paid a lot of money for that Drone, put your phone number on it. If your drone gets lost or stuck in a tree and it finally comes down when you are not around, give the finders an opportunity to contact you so it can be returned.

Now, for the Fun Part, But do not let the excitement of the moment get the best of you. When you are going out to fly, do it slowly and deliberately. Get used to a set procedure and even practice it.

There are so many things I could write but these are the highlights that I feel need mentioning.

Plug in your phone/tablet into your controller; turn on the Controller and DJI Fly App (if it does not start on its own…). On the Drone, open the front legs, then open the back legs, and then remove the Gimbal Cover.

The Gimbal is the most delicate item on the Drone and banging or bumping can damage it. I also fastened a short "Remove Before Flight" ribbon to the cover so it's more noticeable and I do not forget to remove it…

Turn on the drone and watch it come to "life." Watching the Gimbal go through its self-check is almost like watching a puppy or kitten opening its eyes for the first time…

Place the drone down (preferably on a Landing Pad) while it finishes its self-test (collecting satellites, etc…).

Check your battery status (Phone, Drone, and Controller), check the Signal Strength, by now the Controller should have reported it updated the Home Point.

Lift off, 6 feet (2-meters) or so, hover a bit, check the controls (move the drone a bit forward, back, left, right, yaw left and right). By now, your Controller will probably report again, "Home point Updated."

If you go out in a rush and race thru your start up and take off before the drone has finished it prep, it may update its Home Point over that pond or that old tree you are flying over and in your excitement, you'll fly the drone long past it Low Battery point and when it engages Return to Home and lands in the pond or in a tree; it will be all on you…

Now go have fun, learn to fly the drone by sight before you try to fly it out a distance depending on the video feed, FPV.

I would also advise you to use YouTube and watch a lot of the Videos on flying and setting up the Drone. When it is too dark, too cold, or too wet, you can "fly it vicariously" through YouTube. Also watch some of the Blooper Drone Videos and learn how not to fly your "New Baby."

Below is the link to all of the downloads offered by DJI for the Air 2S, including the User Manual.

After you read the Manual, read it again, you will be surprised what you missed the first time and you will be better prepared for that first "scary moment…"

Fly On and Fly Safe…
Hey welcome. New member here also and new drone pilot. I am from Montreal Canada but I am Filipino, born in Quezon City, grew up in Manila and immigrated to Canada when I was 10 years old. That was 50 years ago. Getting cold here now and will soon experience flying in the winter months when the temperature is within the manufacturer specs. I have a newly purchased air 3 and mini 4 pro. Recently also took the required pilot license here in Canada to fly drones over 249grams. Would like to hear and hopefully some posts of your adventure in our beautiful country.


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Hello from the Crossroads of America obiwan101.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Welcome to the Forum. :cool:
Welcome to Mavic Pilots! :) Enjoy the forum!Thumbswayup
Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you for the warm welcome everyone. Looking forward to everyone sharing their adventure pics and/or videos. A lot to learn I must say, not only flying the drone but also making scenematic videos. Been playing around with LightCut but want to explore Dlog and researching what I need. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks

What's your experience in flying birds with a remote?

Hi Rod. If you mean birds in the area of your flight area, then try to avoid them. In fact if I hear squawking then I don’t fly in the area. I have limited experience on how they will react with the drone. At this time of the year, there are tons of canada geese in lakes and river here. At one time after I have taken off I heard them. So I put it in sports mode and then off I went high to a far distance. I couldn’t set up the area that I wanted to record for fear of the birds potentially attacking the drone. On the way back, I went full speed horizontally and then on descent for landing. Btw I am also a photographer; wildlife, landscape, portraits etc so I am so excited with the drone having the reach and the perspective it can provide.
Hi everyone, newbie Drone Pilot here from Manila, Philippines. I use DJI Mavic Air 2s. Hope to learn more from this forum. Thank you.
Welcome from Savannah, GA!
You found a great site to answer questions. Good luck and I hope to see some awesome pics from your side of the world! :)
Welcome to the forum. We look forward to your participation and your view of the world.
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