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Help needed with sports events using MP and BT-glasses

John Gowland

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Jun 23, 2017
I just about had the most thrilling couple of hours in my life, at least as far as I can remember.

I was asked by a soccer coach to record an “A” league amateur game. It was a day night game. I told the coach and a few other people on an email list such as the finance manager, that a drone is good at taking videos in a straight line not yawing or in or out and is very difficult to focus at night with moving balls and people.
They said they cleared it with players and spectators. I don’t want to get into legal issues here.
But I am seeking technical guidance using the MP and glasses with sports events.

As it turned out the footage was pretty darn good, not all at it but some of it. It was poor at night under flood lights, but I have some ideas about improving that.

First, I set my parameters, so I knew where my area was safe for the MP to fly so I could totally ignore it and focus on the game via the glasses. I spent time preparing for light the pitch and such.

I stayed on the length of the pitch moving up and down the pitch following the ball with the falling sun behind me at between 8 and 10 meters high. As the game developed I started to move in and out and yaw slowly.

I found you can’t yaw quick, move in and out fast. You need to keep hitting a focus button as the ball moves around. You need to follow the ball up and down the pitch.

Active tracking is out of the question way too slow.
You do need to understand the game, so you can predict the movement of the ball and players.
What I did not try to stop blurring when yawing fast is cinematic mode.
Night time you have to have a digit on the glasses pad to hit the focus, frequently.

By the way I think this would have been next to impossible without the glasses. You have to be 100% focused on the game, not the craft or a phone device.

A fixed camera from the stands would have been far better but the pitch was too far. The only other alternative would have been a moving tall ladder/scaffold which was out of the question. It was Ideal for a drone if you can get it right.

Any more pointers, help, advise, other links, people?
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Hey John,

Hope all is well. Glad to see you are putting the Moverios to good use. Hopefully some of our pro cinematographers in this forum will read your post and grace us with some pointers. I too am anxious to up my aerial action shooting skills.
It may help to smooth the stick inputs so that when you yaw it is more fluid and graceful so that stick inputs are not harsh when translated to the movement of the Mavic Pro and gimbal.

I would try the recommendations in the following video and then perform some testing flights to get a better "feel" for how the Mavic Pro performs.

Thanks BD0G I will defiantly use that. I found this also.

I know the MP is not designed for sports coverage but I am interested in supporting groups, clubs and organisations who cant afford a lot of money for more expensive solutions. I do think that the MP in time and with care can cover events on a budget.
You could also setup waypoints for it to fly to specific places on the field and have the gimbal and altitude that you have chosen beforehand.
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