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Hi from East Tennessee w/video


Aug 11, 2023
I posted a few weeks back asking for advice on a Mini 3 and everyone was very helpful so thanks!

It turns out my Uncle and Aunt from out of state stopped to visit and during our conversation they offered to send me her drone that has been sitting on a shelf for 3 years. Well, I now have a shiny red Mavic Air in my possession, been flying it for a week and haven't crashed it yet! Loving it so far but the flight characteristics have a pretty steep learning curve, I guess it just takes time to feel comfortable looking at the screen instead of the drone but I constantly feel like I am going to crash into something unless I'm at 200ft, lol. Sensors already saved me twice and I trimmed some leaves once. It's a lot more like a boat than I thought it would be, slow turns that happen way after, long time to stop, weird sideways drifting in the turns, etc...
I gotta be honest I am pretty surprised how good the camera is for a half inch 12mp CMOS.

Here's my video from yesterday morning:
Pretty fogy
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Interesting video, but you need to know that flying over fog (FAA classifies Fog as clouds) is not legal and that having to fly FPV (using the camera) is also not legal, if you have not gotten your TRUST, you had better hurry and pay attention…

That's all I have to say, I get asked if I'm a "Drone Narc" often enough, but I'm trying to keep you out of trouble…

If you have not already done so, you will need to get your TRUST Certificate. You can get that at the Pilot Institute Web Site (FREE…) . Your Mavic Air Drone weighs more than 250-grams (0.55 pounds) and while you are flying under The Exception for Recreational Flyers, you are required to register your Drone.

Link to the TRUST Certificate at the Pilot Institute Web Site (FREE…)

Link to the FAADroneZone (Optional Registration for Drones under 250-Grams…)

Additionally, the Mavic probably will not be updated to meet the Remote ID requirements that were recently delayed for 6-months. If you continue to fly the drone after that the RID Implementation date, you may have to purchase a RID Module…

Good Luck, Fly Safe and Fly Legal…
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Welcome to the Forum and you have a nice drone. The video is nice BUT as stated above: Use your new Aircraft carefully and within the F.A.R.s . ( regulations).
Make sure to get a Trust card, Its the first thing the police will ask you for. ( at least in my area) the test is simple and is a good"primer" for flying your new aircraft.
Good luck! Have fun! those are the most important two.
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