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Hi Team

Terry & Janelle

New Member
Apr 16, 2018
We're visiting USA in August this year and will be bringing a new Mavic Air with us from Australia.
Landing in LA on 8th August, and couple of days to get sorted and then off on a 3 month motorcyle self guided tour.

We're wondering if there would be a group or individual that can give us some training in US tips and tricks, say around 10th or 11th of August, somewhere north of LA but before we hit San Franscisco.

Or during the day or 2 we'll be staying with family in Santa Cruz.

Or a week later somewhere up between San Francisco and Portland, or thereabouts?

Thanks in Advance.
Terry and Janelle

2 Aussies, 2 bikes and a 3 month lap of USA! | Adventure Rider
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