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How dangerous are the props?


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Nov 9, 2018
Holden, MA
In my prior years, I have flown the RC planes powered by the nitro fueled glow engines. With these things, a hand that finds its way into the prop will most likely need stitches and with the larger props, fingers may need to be sown back on.

In the case of the Mavic Pro, or Mavic Air, does anybody have any experience with how dangerous these smaller props are? I would expect minor cuts, but not stitches, but I'm not going to use my hand to test the theory.
They aren't really that bad, from personal experience with my Mavic pro the worst you can expect is a few decent cuts but no stitches at least in my experience.
Don’t even try!!!! My hand met a propeller from a battery powered airplane motor. 48 stiches and I’m lucky I didn’t lose my thumb. Even though these blades are smaller, keep hands and fingers away.
The Mavic Pro Platinum will draw blood but will be relatively minor cuts. That was across the back of the hand where the finger bones present a lot of resistance. The blades being hinged, keeps the blades from being ridgedly held in place to become plastic knives. That not only protects people from considerably greater level of injury but it also potentially makes the blades less susceptible to damage themselves as well as gives some level of protection to the prop motors as well.
Any volunteers. Come on, anyone from Tennessee? I'm a coward to be the test dummy on this. Let's see: thin bladed object, revolving at high RPM, sharp edge. soft skin. Nawww, not me! I like my health plan and will keep it! (and my fingers). Check out the www as I am sure there are plenty of views. Momma may have raised a fool, but I ain't 'tupid!!! (Most of the time)
There is a video done by the myth busters where they mounted a motor to a pole , put a prop in it, then plunged it into the breast of a raw chicken. They pushed it in till the motor bogged down 3 or 4 times it made a pretty nasty wound probably about 1/2 inch deep. But it took some work.
Also. I have “ nicked my fingertips a few times on the Mavic with not much more than a scratch as a result. But if my wife would have done it I think it might lay her open.
My most interesting repair so far was one with blood spattered on it. The owner had tried to grab the Mavic while it was spinning upside down on the ground, and it drew blood. Luckily I have EDT training (emergency drone technician).

I think it left an open cut, but nothing severed.

He was the first to mod his Hasselblad into a Hasselblood.

Hasselblood drone 1.jpg
Hasselblood drone 3.jpg
Hasselblood drone 2.jpg
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Here is the one I am talking about. Jump in to 1:00. I would have thought it would be worse. They gingerly eased the prop into the meat to get it to cut that deep. I think were it a drone in flight it would have impacted and stopped the motor WAAAAY before that type of injury would occur.
Remember that this is a "show." They must have some startling results to make ratings.
Pay close attention to the "out of control" drone at 0:30. You can see him peg the throttle to max. "Really easy to fly." He says with sarcasm. Yeah, easy to make it crash if you want to get something exciting to put on camera.
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