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How tough is a Mavic Mini? Real Tough


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Jun 2, 2019
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On November 18th I was flying my Mini and taking a video as I as flying over a old church I misjudged my height and put the Mini in the top of a 50' high Magnolia Tree.
I looked for over 30 minutes and could not spot the mini. Went back the next day with my Mavic Pro and flew around the top of the tree trying to spot it with no luck.
Went back over the next week and a half looking for it and still no luck.

On Dec 1st, that night there was a weather front that past with winds over 25 MPH, so I thought maybe it would come down, so went again to look.
Spotted the drone about 30' up the tree in a crook of a branch. Got an extension pole and ladder and retrieved the drone. I had purchased DJI Care so I figured at least I could
return the drone and for $40.00 get a replacement.

Long story short the drone was undamaged and fly like new after being in the tree for two weeks through two rain storms!
Still takes great pictures and videos.
Believe it or not - it's true!

Video of it landing in tree
Video taken after rescue
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