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I Filmed an Entire Hawaiian Wedding Solo (Mavic Air + DSLR)


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Oct 3, 2018

I was asked by my best friend if I could film his wedding, in Hawaii, personal budget and gear, on a boat, with just a DSLR and a drone. I don’t do filmmaking for a living (yet I’d liked to), but I’ve been dabbing at it since 1998. This wasn’t paid at all. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for myself to boost my portfolio to be honest. And oh yeah, we’re from Maui, so going home wasn’t going to not happen either. Haha.

I told him, this was a horrible idea, for a boat wedding. But with my strong dertermination, and his trust, we agreed I’d take the challenge on with free range to do whatever. This video, are the results.

Gear used:
DJI Mavic Air
Canon 70D
3 GoPro’s
— Tons of filters. Handheld on the boat. The stabilizer was not recommended for run and gun shooting, on a boat, by yourself, for a wedding.

This was definitely not something I’d ever do again without a team. Being a single run and gun shooter as the primary wedding videographer, you just can’t possibly get it all. At least for a wedding on a boat, then having to be at a beach, then a reception, etc.

Thanks for watching!

The great thing is too, I have tons of footage. So can always make multiple versions.

Ps> I enjoyed the wedding festivities a lot more than one thinks. Believe me. Lol. This was solely an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up, I had more fun than I thought I was gonna have. Zero stress the whole time. Was amazing.
Definitely open to feedback with my edits and the drone shots.

Winds were insane. 20-30mph gusts, choppy, on the ocean. Lol

Keep in mind, this was telling a personal story, so some stuff might not make sense. Lol. Thanks
The video was great but it would be better if the music is more Hawaiian. Just personal opinion since it's filmed in Hawaii. :)
That's pretty **** awesome in my opinion! Very unusual wedding video footage from the boat point of view. Nicely edited.
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