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Jacksonville, FL - Beach and Surrounding areas


Jul 26, 2017
Any other Mavic Pro flyers having issues even finding an area to fly? Seems like even if AirMap designates an area open to fly, DJI has now added “Enhanced No Fly Zones”. Some times it feels like I own a $600 paper weight. Anyway around these crap no fly Zones? Beach are from Fernandina to Ponte Vedra is now blocked out!
Just opened my Air up yesterday. What an awesome piece of gadgetry. Took outside yesterday and look forward to heading up to Sheffield park this weekend to play with it. Hope to find some spots around JAX for some neat photos/flying.
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I live on Amelia Island, anyone familiar with flying around here? I’d like to try the beach when it’s quiet.
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I'm in Middleburg and all my flights so far have originator from my back yard. Thinking of heading to Green Cove Springs near Shands Point to see what I can do there.
I am in Jacksonville new the river. Kinda near fort caroline. I fly in my neighborhood every couple days going up and down the river. No issues here. But I assume they thing the beach is always populated.
I've been out to Green Cove Springs and have flown from one of the parks by the water with no issues. Same with Keystone Heights; flew off the small beach/park over the water and got some pretty shots.
I'm right near downtown jacksonville, fly up and down the river, no issues. Does tell me that I"m in a restricted area, to be aware, but never not let me take off. How some beautiful shots of downtown.
Metro Park near Jags stadium is a fly free drone zone. The entrance road is under construction but you can go in. I flew there 2 weekends ago and it was great. Plan to come back very soon…
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