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Jerky yaw and gimbal adjustment with Mavic 2 and Litchy on crystalsky


Oct 14, 2017
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Hi guys,

I watched some of your videos in here. Amazing shots! and in particular the otbit seems to work quite well.
I am also interested in doing ortbit shots. But I dont want to use the otbit or waypoint mode.

I prefter to use the follow and/or focus mode since many of the things I do shoot are me moving with my remote on a boat etc.

This is my reference shot for how nice I have done it:

This is a video shot with my: Mavic Pro and third parity app Autopilot Logic:
and I am inside the green little house and have set the mode to follow mode (in the app autopilot logic).

at 1min8sec you see that the drone is approacing the green house. the gimbal begins to pitch downwards and when then drone is above the house i yaws around and then begins pitching the gimbal upwards as i fly away from the house. I find this shot really amazing.

However it is made with the third parity app autopilot logic.

And I want to make similar shots with my crystalsky tablet, litchi and mavic 2 (yes i upgraded from mavic pro).

Here are two test shot with litchi for Crystalsky:

-I have used follow mode and focus mode:

issue nr. 1: When the mode is set to follow. Then the drone do follow me and keeps the desired hight and distance and it even yaw the dron to maintain me in focus. However, the adjustment it makes in yawing are jerky. Look closely and you will notice that the jaw is jerky and it is not the jello effect.

Issue 2: in both the follow and focus mode: when changing course direction from for instance north to south then upon this coruse change it looses track/focus on me and when the drone is in the new possition then it regains focus. It seems like that the alogrithm for litche is to prioritize change of course higher than keeping me in focus. It would be great if focus was a higher priority and then the course change coluld take longer timer.

so how do i make the shoots in follow and focus more smooth? I have looked into settings, but cant seem to find any that will make my shots as smooth and crispy as in the first link.
any suggestions? Is this an issue with litch vs autopilot logic? or some setting i can tweek? or are there any third parity app that can do what i want on MAVIC 2 (since autopilot logic that used to be my favorite does not support MC2 :/)