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Just tried out the Tyfoto ND Filters for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro... errrr

Thanks. Good explanation why an ND-filter improves quality when filming moving subjects.
One of the best explanations of the use of shutter speeds/frames per second combos I’ve seen. Well done mate. Perhaps cut down on the coffee a bit before you film? (Grin)

The first 4:45 of that video is completely devoid of any useful information. The next three minutes do indeed provide a nice explanation of why you should use an ND filter. Short version: you can shoot at a near-wide-open aperture, which gives you the sharpest images; lowest ISO, which gives you the lowest grain; while using a 1/60 (USA) or 1/50 (Europe) shutter speed, which avoids strobing and judder you get at high shutter speeds when filming fast-moving objects.
I purchased a set of PolarPro filters ND/PL 4-8-16. They’re perfect imo, colors are more vivid then my dslr.
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