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Latest Firmware noticing very slow yaw to right


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Mar 31, 2018
Updated to latest firmware last week. Everything appeared fine with Litchi and GO4 until 2 days ago.

I have noticed with both apps while looking at the screen, a slow Yaw to the right (happens in tripod mode as well). Has anyone noticed this. I have done both a ECU and Compass calibration twice.

Anyway to trim out the Yaw? It's making it difficult to take long exposure photos.

Mark B
First thing I would try is calibrating the controller sticks, then calibrating the compass. If this doesn't solve the problem it might be caused by gyro drifting, so you would need to calibrate the IMU, too.
No. Calibrate your remote controller in DJI GO like this:

Thanks all,

Yesterday morning I went to the middle of a soccer field, did an IMU and Compass czlibration. I did the controller the night before (seriously, every time I use the calibration tool, it's just so **** frustrating).

Took it for a fly and I still have the Yaw issue.


Mark B
Took it for a fly and I still have the Yaw issue.
To exclude the controller as the reason I would switch the Mavic to Wifi mode and do a test flight with the mobile phone only.
If the yawing is gone there might be a defect within your controller which dannot be compensated by calibration.
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I was in your position up until very recently, and any amount of calibration or resets would fix it, until I realized that I had switched my sticks to mode 3 instead of mode 2 (as it's closer to WASD in gaming terms). I thought it couldn't hurt to switch back and eliminate that as a possibility, and lo and behold I was back to flying straight again.

I noticed that while hovering the camera still does a slight pan to adjust back to center after turning in either direction, but I think that's a feature you can turn that off in the app.
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Is it yawing when moving, hovering in place, or both?
Just a very slow Yaw. It looks rock solid, but the screen and the video shows a slow Yaw. It is Very slow, but enough to see when taking 5 bracketed images.

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