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Lens Fog


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Jul 4, 2018
So I flew last night in the cold. First time I flew when it was cold, 44 degrees.

I had a battery is too cold warning, so I hovered low until it warmed up.

One thing I didn’t expect was fog. When flying around, half of my lens fogged up. I couldn’t focus and only had sharp pictures with half of it.

Has this happened to you guys, any suggestions on how to stop it?
Not with a drone but I have the same issue when I go out shooting, especially early in the morning. I just leave my camera in the car with the heater on for a few minutes while I stand outside. It happens to me because I live in a very warm climate and I keep my living space very cold so when I step outside condensation forms and I have to warm my stuff up before I step outside. Basically you just have to get your gear to ambient temps, or in the case of drones operating temp, or at least warmer than the dew point.

You didn't say if the fog was inside or outside the lens but a properly sealed lens shouldn't fog from the inside. That said, if it does fog from the inside it would be because the outside element is below the dewpoint and colder than the air and moisture inside the lens. Lens fog in a nutshell is what happens when your lens temp is both below the dewpoint and colder than the air around it. For me this morning that meant I needed my camera to be warmer than 75 before I took it out of the Jeep or else I would be standing around for half an hour waiting for it to reach ambient temperature and the fog to evaporate off.

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