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Dec 26, 2017
Hi everyone and sorry for my mistakes in english, I'm french. I have a Mavic and I found out that there is a limitation for the altitude for both Waypoint mode and Point of interest mode with the DJI APP (Android). I also red that the minimum distance between two points in WP is 0.5 meters with Litchi. Is there an limitation for the altitude with Litchi using these modes ? Is 0.5 m the shortest distance between two points in WP mode with Litchi ? I'm asking this question because I use a Nexus Android (I can't change this), with DJI GO4 but I'd like to make movies inside my house that is not big enough to fly with DJI GO4. Thanks a lot for helping me.
In a certain way, yes. I want to move my Mavic automaticaly from a point of the room to another point of the same room. If you know the answer, I'd be happy to know it.
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Runtigrou, I would not advise you use DJI Go4 or Litchi or any mission based app to run any missions inside your house, you are just asking for trouble.
Both apps require and use GPS waypoints solely for the missions and inside your house or any building is risking an aquired GPS fix good enough to accomplish any mission with success.
That is a good advise ! But I still don't have my answer ! LOL ! That might be a wrong way to do what I want. Is ther an APP that can record the movements you do with the Mavic ? Without using GPS ?
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How big is the inside of your house?
Why not just hand carry the Mavic inside the house to record the video?
That is a good advise ! But I still don't have my answer ! LOL ! That might be a wrong way to do what I want. Is ther an APP that can record the movements you do with the Mavic ? Without using GPS ?
Actually, you do have your answer... Do not attempt a waypoint, or any other type of mission indoors. The Mavic will constantly lose satellite connections, dropping the drone into ATTI mode. It simply will not work. It will crash (period). Missions like this require a high number of satellites in constant communication with the drone. Plus, if you're filming a "scene" in your house, all you will hear on the audio track (not recorded by the Mavic) is the noise of the drone's motors. If you decide to do this, please - I beg you - post the crash photos here so we can all see just how bad things went for you.

Indoors the Mavic will always fly successfully to a single location... The scene of the accident!
As mentioned above, Waypoint needs GPS which you will lose indoors. You can hand carry and make use of the gimbal stabilized camera. There are handles made that hold the Mavic and your phone/tablet for this purpose. If you must fly indoors, get prop guards. They will increase your chances of survival.
Here is some good (enough) information on the accuracy of GPS satellites. The margin of error for the average cell phone user is 4.9m (16ft). And that applies to someone standing outside in direct view of the satellites. Indoors, this margin would be much higher. So even if Litchi or DJI Go4 have the ability to allow waypoints to be set every 0.5m, the location of each waypoint can vary by up to 4.9m (or more). In a house, that could be the difference between flying in your living room, or flying in the garage. The variance is too high to be accurate enough to program an indoor mission. GPS Accuracy
Ok, ok guys ! I won't try to fly inside (for the moment). But if someone has got the information about the minimum altitude with Litchi in Point of Interest mode, that would be good to know it, even for people reading this post. Thanks to all and sorry to the ones who want to see the crash. I sometimes listen to the others. May everyone do the same ! :cool:
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