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  1. S

    Mavic minimum altitude is 5 meters (17 feet) HOW CAN I FLY LOWER IN POI mode??

    So when you enter a pre-programmed mode like POI you are limited to a minimum altitude of 5 meters. I need to use POI mode at a lower altitude anywhere between 5 and 10 feet. Is there any way to mod the firmware to allow this change??. I need this to make 360 deg. movies of nursery trees to send...
  2. A

    Mavic Air Down! - lost in the Cederberg Mountains, Western Cape, South Africa

    I have only had my Mavic Air a few weeks, and still have a lot to learn from the wealth of tutorials on YouTube and this forum. Sometimes the best lesson is learnt from our mistakes, but with drones, that could potentially be a disaster and an expensive exercise. A recent trip in the...
  3. danCER

    Flying with JUST Mavic Pro Controller: Altitude and Distance LIMITED

    Okay, I always fly my Mavic Pro with both controller and tablet(K1 Shield). Recently, I was at a favorite location--one I have flown without restrictions many times--when I realized I had forgotten my USB cable. I couldn't connect controller to tablet. Okay, no big deal. I would just fly with...
  4. BadgerDrone

    dumbest video ever!

    I used to get into some pretty big trouble when I was younger and one day I decided to smarten up. When you get in trouble a lot you end up learning the laws really quickly. Like liability for example. Most people don’t realize how heavy duty liability laws and cases can be. Did you know if...
  5. T

    NEW PILOT RTH Question

    OK.. Lets say you have RTH set to 150'. Is that AGL no matter where the drone is? In other words.... The drone is coming home straight line and comes into terrain that is higher than the route you just flew over... Will it auto adjust to the terrain at the set 150'?? Thanks ....I'm sure I'll...
  6. B

    Litchi Waypoint Altitude Question

    I can't seem to get my head wrapped around the two waypoint altitudes when I click the 'Above Ground' option. Let's say I'm putting waypoints in a straight line over a downward sloping hill. I want the drone to maintain a FIXED distance over the ground. Do I select the 'Above Ground' checkbox...
  7. Chirp

    How to read altitude?

    Can someone please help me figure out why the jpg below reports to be at 738.59 something when the altitude was approximately 350' AGL? Thank your for your help and forgive me if it is something really obvious and escapes me 'cause I'm old and losing it... Why does it say
  8. DimiGoulas21

    Maximum alitude reached

    Hello everyone! I am curious about the longest altitude you can reach. Which drones have the widest range? Thank you!
  9. R

    Litchi's restrictions

    Hi everyone and sorry for my mistakes in english, I'm french. I have a Mavic and I found out that there is a limitation for the altitude for both Waypoint mode and Point of interest mode with the DJI APP (Android). I also red that the minimum distance between two points in WP is 0.5 meters with...
  10. M

    Mavic pro altitude question

    Hey all relatively new pilot here I think I have asked this question before but I can;t remember the answer so bare with me pls. I know drones have a maximum altitude they can fly. What will happen if I film on a cliff where the altitude changes sharply? Will the drone crash?
  11. joekulis

    Mavic will not travel more than 30 meters away.

    Not in Beginners mode, but can not get the drone to go higher or further than 30m. Says I have reached maximum height and distance.
  12. I

    RTH minimum altitude of 20m...why so high?

    We just purchased a Mavic for a shoot in which we will be following ATVs along a mountain trail with trees all around us and above us (we'll be under the canopy). If the drone flies upward 20m for any kind of RTH, it's going to end up stuck in a tree. I'm unclear on why the minimum RTH is so...
  13. N

    Mavic pro won't go above 100ft even though limit set to 400ft

    My Mavic all of a sudden ascending above 100ft. I'm not in beginner mode, and my altitude limits are set to 400ft. I haven't changed any flight settings since the last time it went over 100ft. These are my versions App: 4.1.3 (Android) Remote: 01.03.0900 Aircraft database: APP...
  14. N

    question about RTH altitude ?

    I have my bird set to a RTH altitude of 30 meters (at least that's what the display says). I also have unit of measurement set to imperial (united states). When I was testing my RTH function, it seems to only go to a height of 30 feet instead of 30 meters. is it true that when the system is...
  15. I

    Take off question

    Hello. I want to ask some questions about mavic pro that I don't understand. If I take off for example from a building roof 20 meters from ground and I have set the RTH altitude to 20 meters what will it happen when RTH engage? Also will it land safely in the roof? Also what if I change home...
  16. R

    Active Track not working at high altitude.

    Hi guys, I have been following friends ski touring up a mountain i followed them till 400m from takeoff point, i was really close to the subject, but DJI go 4 displays, object too high. Is this intended in the drones limitations? Has somebody experienced the same? Footage Link:
  17. mlaczek

    Fake or not.

    hi guys, what do you think, this picture is fake, or not? if not, i'll traveling by plane never anymore. :eek:
  18. JDG3K9

    Judging Horizontal and Vertical Distances

    I have been flying the Mavic for about 2 months now and have accumulated a little over 4 hours total flight time. I am having a very difficult time getting over the fear of crashing this thing and much of the fear comes from my inability to determine distance from an object horizontally and...
  19. Viper

    Mavic Movie Silent Island

  20. X

    DJI Chat: There are 62 customers in queue.. & Altitude question

    DJI needs to hire more chat support staff i just waited a hour to try to ask a question but apparently I wasn't looking at it, I didn't hear any sound alerts, and i lost my spot, now have to wait another hour. anyway I am trying to figure out why in the spot on DJI go where it shows top speed...