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  1. S

    Auto height above ground level?

    I tried flying my M3 Classic behind the car recently as I went up into the hills where I live so my daughter could share the drive with a friend. It's REALLY difficult to track at a consistent height above ground level! I have concluded a mount on the bonnet may be a good idea, but that means...
  2. DmitryGlinka

    DJI Mini3Pro - Altitude

    Hi folks My Mini3Pro has latest firmware and I am use with DJI Fly on my RC-N1 controller with android tablet. On take off, the drone height is calculated, which is measured from home-point with onboard barometric sensor. This is not true height (altitude), true altitude is measured from height...
  3. New England Droning

    How high have you been with your Mini 2?

    I don't mean being impaired due to intoxicating substances... I know we all know better. I took mine up to 4,255 feet and before the drone police jump me... that's 4,255 MSL. its only 399 AGL. But over Mount Equinox in Vermont's southern "Mountains," I arrived at the top on a sunny day and...
  4. cgmaxed

    If altitude is judged by barometric pressure, would altering the barometer's pressure reading before it's turned on affect perceived altitude?

    FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: If a drone's height is calculated by the barometric pressure surrounding the drone at take off/ just before being turned on (a height determined to be zero by the barometer), it would seem possible, with a little ingenuity, to alter the barometer's perceived pressure...
  5. M

    Mavic Air 2, possible to limit the min altitude?

    Hello. I have Mavic Air 2 and I want to know, it's possible to do minimum altitude? Like i'm with the drone over the sea, and I don't want to get lower then 2m, it's possible to lock the altitude? Thanks!
  6. OneQuickSix

    Max altitude when using the Intelligent Flight/FocusTrack Modes

    Any idea what the max (practical) drone altitude would be to keep a reliable lock on a person (say walking or jogging) would be? Is 150 feet too high (i.e. the person would be too small in the sensor to reliably track)? If not, what is too high? Thanks!
  7. Skardu Airport - Baltistan, in the Karakoram Range

    Skardu Airport - Baltistan, in the Karakoram Range

    First thing you see when you step out of the plane and look North towards the mighty Karakoram range.
  8. A

    Surveying UK village development and changing landscape

    The village where I live in Shropshire in the UK is undergoing some notable development, with a new housing estate being built. I'd like to fly the drone over the new development, some of which have recently had people move in, to capture a series of nadir photos (a few hundred) to stitch...
  9. 0Kajuna0

    Telemetry Overlay for Mavic (and other models) in After Effects

    Hey guys, I've been working on a system that uses the SRT flight telemetry to create customizable gauges in After Effects: a dashboard with speedometer, GPS path, altitude, heading, distance, ISO, shutter speed and f-number. Here's a demo and a tutorial: There's also a tool to export the...
  10. M


    Hey fellas, I had a minor crash a few weeks ago and hadn’t noticed any real damage to my Mavic pro. The only thing I noticed is sometimes at a low altitude the drone starts to drop in altitude for instance, I had it at about 8 feet just observing and notice on my controller it went 7.8, 7.5...
  11. A

    Mavic Air Down! - lost in the Cederberg Mountains, Western Cape, South Africa

    I have only had my Mavic Air a few weeks, and still have a lot to learn from the wealth of tutorials on YouTube and this forum. Sometimes the best lesson is learnt from our mistakes, but with drones, that could potentially be a disaster and an expensive exercise. A recent trip in the...
  12. danCER

    Flying with JUST Mavic Pro Controller: Altitude and Distance LIMITED

    Okay, I always fly my Mavic Pro with both controller and tablet(K1 Shield). Recently, I was at a favorite location--one I have flown without restrictions many times--when I realized I had forgotten my USB cable. I couldn't connect controller to tablet. Okay, no big deal. I would just fly with...
  13. BadgerDrone

    dumbest video ever!

    I used to get into some pretty big trouble when I was younger and one day I decided to smarten up. When you get in trouble a lot you end up learning the laws really quickly. Like liability for example. Most people don’t realize how heavy duty liability laws and cases can be. Did you know if...
  14. T

    NEW PILOT RTH Question

    OK.. Lets say you have RTH set to 150'. Is that AGL no matter where the drone is? In other words.... The drone is coming home straight line and comes into terrain that is higher than the route you just flew over... Will it auto adjust to the terrain at the set 150'?? Thanks ....I'm sure I'll...
  15. B

    Litchi Waypoint Altitude Question

    I can't seem to get my head wrapped around the two waypoint altitudes when I click the 'Above Ground' option. Let's say I'm putting waypoints in a straight line over a downward sloping hill. I want the drone to maintain a FIXED distance over the ground. Do I select the 'Above Ground' checkbox...
  16. Chirp

    How to read altitude?

    Can someone please help me figure out why the jpg below reports to be at 738.59 something when the altitude was approximately 350' AGL? Thank your for your help and forgive me if it is something really obvious and escapes me 'cause I'm old and losing it... Why does it say
  17. DimiGoulas21

    Maximum alitude reached

    Hello everyone! I am curious about the longest altitude you can reach. Which drones have the widest range? Thank you!
  18. R

    Litchi's restrictions

    Hi everyone and sorry for my mistakes in english, I'm french. I have a Mavic and I found out that there is a limitation for the altitude for both Waypoint mode and Point of interest mode with the DJI APP (Android). I also red that the minimum distance between two points in WP is 0.5 meters with...
  19. M

    Mavic pro altitude question

    Hey all relatively new pilot here I think I have asked this question before but I can;t remember the answer so bare with me pls. I know drones have a maximum altitude they can fly. What will happen if I film on a cliff where the altitude changes sharply? Will the drone crash?
  20. joekulis

    Mavic will not travel more than 30 meters away.

    Not in Beginners mode, but can not get the drone to go higher or further than 30m. Says I have reached maximum height and distance.