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Lost signal and lost my Mavic Pro


Sep 26, 2018
I was flying in a built up area of a city today and lost signal, first the screen went, and then the controller lost connection.

It has happened before and I expected my Mavic Pro to begin RTH and start retracing its flight until it came back into range and re-connnected, except this didn't happen. After 60 seconds I started getting really scared and began trying to move closer to where the drone was last at, unfortunately there was a river between us so it took me about 20 minutes to get over to the Drones estimated area, and reckon the battery would have worn out by then.

My question is what would the Mavic have most likely done, it seems as if RTH failed because it never came back, and I couldn't initiate RTH via the controller, either the Mavic tried RTH and crashed into one of the buildings that might have blocked its straight line path back to landing site, or it hovered until it ran out of battery and then landed where it was?

I'm thinking about hiring a drone tomorrow to have a look on the rooftops of the possible landing site (where I last had control) if the latter option is a possibility, and also is it possible to see from the flight logs where exactly the drone went down?

All totally my own fault for letting it get out of VLOS - was tempted by a nice sunrise this morning that was trying to get a shot of.

Any advice appreciated, I'm very sad about losing my Mavic.

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Those files are mobile device DAT message logs, not flight logs, and they are full of signal interference warnings that you should not have ignored (see below).

Also note that if this was a Mavic series 1, as you indicated, then it does not have the retrace capability on failsafe (that is just the Mavic Air and Mavic 2), and so a Mavic Pro will not have been able to re-acquire uplink if it was blocked by a building that is higher than the set RTH height.

We need the txt or DAT flight logs:

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